Well-Being with Sophrology


Well-Being with Sophrology

I just got back from the Summer University of the International Sophrology Academy in Andorra. With lightning storms and driving rain, the long journey Geneva to Andorra wasn’t for the faint of heart, but as the conference started, the sun broke through the clouds and the smiles came out.

The Summer University is held every year in Andorra, where Alphonso Caycedo, the founder of Sophrology now resides. This year over 260 professional Sophrologists flew in from all four corners of Europe, and it was great to see so many friendly faces and hear the new developments in the field.

Dorna Revie at the International Sophrology Academy in AndorraThis year the theme was Well Being with Sophrology with 2 days devoted to new techniques on how to manage stress with Sophrology. Natalia Caycedo (daughter of Alphonso) gave a presentation on an 8-session stress management course, which is perfect for training the mind to effectively cope with stress.

The idea is to build up a resistance to stress, and strengthen your mind so that you are better able to cope when you encounter it. For those already dealing with high stress levels, the exercises gave us tools to release the stress throughout the day so that it doesn’t accumulate.

Although typically we’d do these 8 sessions over 2 weeks with clients, it was amazing to do them all in 2 days. I hadn’t realized just how much stress I’d been carrying, having recently moved house and reorganized my business and traveling – the conference was perfect for me and I came out feeling lighter and happier, the stress having vanished into the blue skies.

I look forward to passing on the benefits of this training to my clients! I’ll be running a stress relief workshop over 8 weeks starting in the Autumn, as well as a stress-busting weekend retreat in the peace of surrounding Switzerland. Watch this space!

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