Emotions are tricky. We are never really certain whether we have them tightly under control or not. They can lurk under a smile or well up in sudden resentment at a remark, or tune into memory and unexpected reminders in casual conversation. We are, generally, what we feel.

That is why sophrology plays such an important role in teaching us how to transform emotions and bring our body and mind into harmony – Healthy body, calm mind, inspired spirit. Sophrology is the science of consciousness in harmony – designed to produce optimal health and wellbeing through the use of specific physical movements and visualisations leading to increased body awareness and an expansive growth in consciousness.

How sophrology works to lift the spirit

• Simple physical and mental exercises are practiced regularly to create a healthy, relaxed body and a calm, alert mind. Sophrology helps people unlock their full potential and reach their best both professionally and personally.
• Sophrology is a natural, healthy alternative to medicine and therapies. It reduces stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, worry, fear and sadness. Once you have practiced the sophrology exercises, and breathing exercises you will become an expert in expanding your consciousness and living the life you’d love to live.
• Typically, you will find your self-confidence improves, along with your ability to maintain better concentration. You will sleep in a calmer, more relaxed manner. Your feeling of inner happiness can be accessed any moment of the day, and bring forth feelings of enablement and gratitude.
• Because you can practice sophrology exercises anywhere, and at any time, they help you with more than just personal issues; the method moves through a range of applications in business, sport, education, relationships, ill-health, as well as childbirth and child rearing.
• As a stress management technique, sophrology helps you to use your mind and your body to work transform heavy emotions of stress and anxiety into lighter ones like happiness and joy. Sophrology revitalises your inner resources and you discover your resilience, calm thinking, and a positive outlook. Sophrology is a dynamic route to a more harmonious spirit.

The power of mood control

You may not believe it, but you can control your moods. By regularly practicing the exercises people typically find that they are generally more understanding, ready to listen, and contemplate situations. People use sophrology to not only overcome fear of failure and fulfil their potential, but also to feel better on a day-to-day basis. Sophrology provides exercises that gradually transform us and …for instance… cause us to react calmly and confidently if a team member makes a mistake. Sophrology gives you the resilience to be less reactive, more capable and more constructively responsive.

Moods can be powerful when they are driven by a positive outlook. Sophrology practise gives you the space to calmly analyse and to change your moods, providing a sense of betterment that is life changing.

By practising sophrology daily you will find that you are smiling more and life seems easier and more enjoyable. The non-judgemental approach helps you to be aware of your perceptions and contemplate the many other ways of perceiving a situation. Through the plasticity of the brain the neural pathways change and you move into a whole new way of being.

Simple breathing techniques and physical movements bring you slowly to a state of dynamic relaxation, allowing you to explore sensations and perceptions, and develop a new awareness.

Sophrology exercises give you many options to deal with emotions, thus helping you to:
• relax and let go
• overcome stress and decrease anxiety
• increase confidence and self-esteem
• deal positively with anger, depression and stress
• enjoy your present experiences, find peace with your past, and feel motivated about the future.

Sophrology: an old route to a new you

Currently revitalised as one of the most popular wellness trends in the world, sophrology translates to the “the study of consciousness in harmony and the values of existence”. It is essentially a holistic system, including physical and mental exercises, that promote health, well-being, relaxation, and alertness.

Founded in 1960 by Prof. Alfonso Caycedo, a professor of Psychiatry and Neurology in the university of Madrid. Sophrology was first created to treat war veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression. Combining techniques from Zen, yoga, Buddhism and phenomenology, the method produces positive effects including: increased focus, less stress, better sleep, more self-confidence, improved chronic conditions, and greater happiness.

In 2006, Dorna Revie, founded Energy Centre, the first school in the world to offer Professional Sophrology Diploma Courses in English.
Sophro-Ki Sophrology Center Online, started in 2012, the newest of Dorna’s projects, has been established to meet the growing demand from around the world.