The Soul’s Journey – The wheel of life


The Soul’s Journey – The wheel of life

Today we start with the breath of life – Inspiration

Looking, searching for inspiration – Finding, discovering inspiration – Being inspired – inspirational. Just saying the word makes me feel lighter and wondering about possibilities.

Inspiration. In French the verb ‘inspirer’ means ‘to breath’. E.g. J’inspire – I breathe in.  J’expire – I breathe out. L’inspiration means breathing. Therefore we could say: I’m inspired – I am full of breath (alive).

In the northern hemisphere, the beginning of the year is a time of aliveness, a time when life and light are coming into the world. If we pause for a moment, we can notice signs of life all around us. New shoots coming up through the ground, new buds appearing on the bushes and trees, sheep, cows, pregnant, birds busy building nests. Anticipation and new life is all around. The light is surging to come out of the darkness. The invisible is becoming visible. Creation is at its full force bursting out of the darkness of the winter. The world is becoming lighter.




At the same time, in the southern hemisphere life energy is starting to close down, to go back into the silence and the dark, to renew and reflect – A time of looking around and noticing all the things that have been created. As we expire we blow breath into the world and create something visible. It is a time to pause, acknowledge, and feel gratitude for all that has been created with the (expiration).


The harvest, the fruits of our labours? Is it not simply the fruit of our outbreath? The fruit of the breath forcing itself into life and allowing itself to flow out into a new creation. There is no labour about it. Try to stop a leaf from sprouting on a tree, or spring bulbs sprouting up out of the ground, or greenery splitting through stones, or animals and people mating. Even when we destroy or try to stop creation, the in breath cannot be held back for long, it has to come out. There is no labour it just happens. It is unstoppable.


Life energy is the most powerful force on earth and will happen whether we labour or not. I suggest we all take a break from labouring and start to enjoy the rhythm of life realising that creation will happen whatever we try to do. So lets take a moment to observe, then, take the path of least resistance so that we can work with the energy of creation – co-create. Once we start to do this the energy of creation and inspiration starts to co-create with us.


With regular practice we may start to realise what life is all about and often, unexpectedly, life energy bubbles up inside us and we start to giggle, chortle and then go into full belly laughs.


So, whether you are in the energy of creation or the energy of harvest, just for today, I invite you to experience the ‘7 Step Inspirational Boost’ I recommend that you do it every couple of hours AND whenever you feel stuck, overwhelmed or are experiencing any other emotion that is not comfortable.


The 7 Inspirational Breaths – as if each breath is your first breath and last breath

  1. Let go of what you are doing and sit down
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your nose or your top lip, the place where you feel your breath coming in and going out – as if it is the first time that you notice that your body breathes
  3. Breathe in allowing your mind to follow your in-breath, as if it is the first time that you notice that air comes into your body
  4. Hold the breath in for a few moments noticing the physical sensations e.g. hot cold tingling, etc.- the inspired body! – as if it is the first time you have noticed you have a body
  5. Allow the breath to flow out, slowly letting your mind flow along with the length of the out breath (expiration). – as if it is the first time you have noticed that your breath leaves your body
  6. Rest in the stillness, the space between the breaths, again aware of the body’s reactions – e.g. hot, cold, heavy, light, tingling, etc. – notice your body as if it is the first time.
  7. Wait in the space, the stillness until your body is ready to breathe in again


Repeat 5 or 6 times

P.S.  Are you doing the breathing or are you being breathed?

Wishing you a beautiful, joy-filled day,


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