Learn how Sophro-Ki Sophrology has improved the lives of our students and clients.

Sophrology Student Interview

Denise talking about Sophrology and childbirth

Dr. Gilles de Siebenthal, Dentist Clay Pigeon Shooter, European Champion

College students preparing for exams

Feedback after the Intro to Sophro Dynamic Relaxation Free Trial exercise

Feedback after the Sophro-Pop exercise

Feedback after the Sophro Tension Release exercise

When I started my Sophrology Diploma Course I was feeling anxious and I had trouble concentrating and breathing. After the first week of practicing Sophrology, I noticed positive improvement in my mood and concentration. Sophrology has certainly made my life more fulfilling than ever before.

Maida, Switzerland

In general, Sophrology influenced me in a very positive way. At a fundamental level, I was thinking and feeling in the same frame with Sophrology, but I didn’t know how to systemized my thoughts and emotions. Sophrology happened to be the answer to my many questions about life.

Ayce Bukulmeyen

Since practicing level 1 on a regular basis, I am more aware of my body, mind and surroundings. I feel calmer and emotionally more stable in my daily activities.

Soohee Thomas

To be able to imagine yourself having a wonderful, deep sleep in detail and then have it manifest night after night has been literally life-changing for me.

Jenni Heinrich – Woodvale, Victoria Australia

I have always been fascinated by different methods of calming the body and mind. I came across Sophrology a few years ago and wanted to know how I could learn to do it and teach it. Dorna’s course has helped me understand in detail what sophrology is about and allowed me to teach it to others across the world.

Daniel Sharman