Sophrology For Adolescents


The Sophrology & Adolescents Course is available to Sophrology Practitioners that want to learn more about working with adolescents or become a certified beChill® coach and member of the beChill® team.

Following the course, Sophrologists will be able to better understand the issues facing adolescents and how to set up a protocol to suit their needs.

The course is taught over a 2-day period (4 hours each day) in a live classroom environment. A range of course materials, audios and Terpnos Logos are included.


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Course Description

This specialist Sophrology & Adolescent course is taught by Master Sophrologist and Founder of beChill® Exams and Life programs, Annette Ebbinghaus. Annette has been developing her work with adolescents since 2009 and she designed this course to teach Sophrologists how to set individual as well as group sessions for adolescents. You will also learn new and adapted techniques that can be used with this age group.

What to expect

  • An introduction to working with adolescents
  • Exploration of the reasons that adolescents seek out a sophrologists
  • How the adolescent brain differs from the adult brain
  • How to use and design Sophrology sessions for group and individual settings
  • Practice setting up a 3-session protocol for adolescents

Benefits for Adolescents

  • Improves attention and concentration
  • Shift from procrastination to motivation
  • Improves self-worth
  • Builds confidence
  • Helps to change unwanted behaviours
  • Reduces performance anxiety, stress and overall worry
  • Enables them to become aware of their values and who they are as a person

Course Requirements

  • Sophrology Practitioner Diploma or equivalent Foundation Year Certification
  • Stable internet connection
  • Availability to attend live online lessons

Payment plans & pricing

The Sophrology & Adolescent course fee is CHF 450. This includes a non-refundable registration fee of CHF 135. Payment is required in full, at the time of booking.

The course organiser reserves the right to make necessary changes to the course structure, date, and time of the course.

Course Structure & Certification


The Sophrology & Adolescent Course comprises of 8 hours of online teaching and workshops, spread across 2 days (4hrs each day). The classes are kept small to ensure that every student receives dedicated teaching, and the participation is maximised.

A short assignment is set between day 1 and 2, which takes around two hours to complete. You will be given a scenario and asked to create a 3-session protocol. This will then be presented to the class participants on day 2.

Course Content

  • The main reasons adolescents come for Sophrology sessions
  • How to explain Sophrology
  • Getting to know the physical workings of the adolescent brain
  • Working with individual clients
  • Individual session layouts (general)
  • Working in group settings
  • Ludique games
  • Three Sophrology Techniques
  • Administration: Adolescent Client Forms / Pheno Description Form


After completion of this course you will be eligible to register for the beChill® Exams Coach Certification program. This is a certification and licensing program to work under the beChill® umbrella. Find out more here: beChill® Coach.

This certification DOES NOT provide you with the licence to set up your own Sophrology training school, or to certify your own clients, teachers or any individual that works with children as Sophrologists.


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