Midwife of the Soul


Midwife of the Soul

People often say that I am a ‘midwife of the soul’. That I help people to bring their soul into being. It is true that many people come to me when they are feeling, stuck, lost, sense that something is missing in their lives or are determined in start following their own life path.


Since my birth sign is Aries with Capricorn rising I love climbing mountain paths and also I know the thrill of going straight up and the joy of taking the time to meander. There are many paths leading to being confident and trusting enough to start letting your own light shine, however, we all know when the time is ready and when we may need the extra boost to launch true selves in the world.



Spring time is the time of new beginnings, when the souls are nearer to the earth blowing life into new creations. I do not exactly know how life is birthed, however, I do know that each person has slightly different needs and processes that when in place allow the soul energy to course through into life and express itself fully.


What is very exciting is that this is now the time to let the ‘soul birthing’ happen. This year 2014 has an energy vibration that is pushing each one of us to fully express who we are. Just like new buds starting to budgeon forth on the trees, so our soul is pushing forth into life in a way that it has not dared to before.


This is going to happen whether you like it or not, however, the process will be much easier for those who are conscious an go with the flow, accompanying the process and joyfully experiencing each sign of arrival. For those who are scared, frightened, worried and who resist the urgings of their soul, the process will be difficult, painful and depressing.


Whichever group we fall into – going with the change, resisting the change or somewhere inbetween, there are attitudes and ways of being that can assist the process and make it all much easier.


These 4 attitudes, recommended to each student of sophrology will make the process easier and more enjoyable:


Non-Judgement – it is not good and not bad, IT JUST IS!

Put aside all beliefs, attitudes and ideas about how the world ‘ought to’ be.

See the world as if it is the first time – through the eyes of a child

Repeatedly become aware of your ‘alivenesses’.  i.e. The physical sensations in your body that are the proof that you are alive.

NOTE: Being full of curiosity and wonder will help the process.

Practice the 7 step Inspirational Breath – see last week’s post.


1st sight – first impression – my perception

2nd sight – what we make of it – my perception plus my contemplation

3rd sight – what is really there without the masks of 1st and 2nd sight.  In the essence of each moment there is the seed of the future and the husk of the past!  The 3 dimensions of time and space as one.


I did not make a conscious decision to do this. I was going to regular classes that were making a profound and remarkable difference to myself as a person as also healing my Burn-out symptoms. When I was half way through the course, my teacher suggested that I translated it into English for him. Once I had done this he trained me to teach it.


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I run a sophrology online center through which people can download sophrology exercises and do them in their own homes. I also offer diploma courses and individual sophro-coaching sessions