Become a Sophrology Practitioner

Sophrology is becoming more valuable than ever before as a highly effective long-lasting relaxation method. It is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide due to today’s rushed pace of living and the challenges we are facing with an increased need to soothe the nerves, calm the soul and clear the head.

Who is Sophrology best suited for as a profession?

Sophrology is a method that holds many benefits for its students also as a viable and comprehensive career option. 

If you’ve considered studying Sophrology, you might be wondering if it’s the right fit for you and what kind of opportunities there are available when adding Sophrology to your skillset.

Find out more about Sophrology, its benefits and the potential it holds as a career path, below.

What is Sophrology?

In short, Sophrology is a combination of quick and effective mind-body exercises.

By regularly practicing these simple and effective exercises, you’re able to develop deep calmness, awareness, and inner joy. As you learn to express your full potential and discover your true self, life becomes more satisfying and fulfilling.

There are also different levels of training one might undergo to discover the true potential this comprehensive field may hold in one’s life – on a personal or professional level.

Who can benefit from practicing Sophrology?

As a highly regarded structured method of ‘conscious awareness’ training, Sophrology teaches us how to improve our health and enables us to achieve our goals and dreams.

It is widely used by individuals from all walks of life: from, olympic athletes, tennis players and football teams, to executives, business leaders, students, teachers, therapists, and many others.

It is even used within the field of family guidance and pre/post-natal care clinics for pain-management and to support other areas. It is valued and practiced by people interested in reaching their full potential.

What do we aim for as Sophrologists?

Sophrologists aim to reduce their clients’ stress and produce optimal health and well-being through the application of specific breathing exercises, gentle physical tuning, and mindful visualisation techniques. Sophrology stimulates fresh perspective, motivation and revitalizes emotional balance.

Why is becoming a Sophrologist such a great career move?

It takes up to 20 months for the whole new range of opportunities to open up to you when you become a trained and fully certified Sophrologist.

Sophrology career

Trained Sophrologists can pursue a meaningful career in the practice of Sophrology and all its aspects. However, they can also create a part-time or full-time business. They usually work with clients and can strengthen their offerings by pairing with professionals in similar fields (business- and life-coaching, sports, etc).

Certified Sophrologists can even work in-house at corporate organisations or join private or public companies in the healthcare sector.

With employee wellbeing gaining more importance right now than it ever has before, the companies are starting to realise the value that lies in maintaining a stable workforce that remains happy within, and loyal to, their businesses. Naturally, this increases productivity and often profitability, especially over the long term.

Sophrology is increasingly being taken up as a tool in the induction process, as well as being incorporated into staff health initiatives because of its proven ‘stress-busting’ techniques.

Even non-profit organisations (NPOs) who seek economical therapies to help those suffering from physical and emotional trauma or long-term mental health issues, are looking at the evident results of Sophrology.

What makes Sophrology a suitable addition to your existing skill set?

Sophrology helps us to live up to our full potential, empowering us to step outside our comfort zone and expand our boundaries. It can powerfully benefit our own personal and professional aspirations. This enables us to broaden our client base by addressing a wider range of issues that patients/clients may have.

Sophrology as added service

Sophrology is an exciting career path that allows us to confidently supplement similar important fields such as life coaching, physical training, personal development, business consultation and more.

Sophrologists may assist with some of, but not limited to, the following areas: pain management, sleep problems (insomnia), work related stress and burnout, anxiety, depression, self-confidence and self-esteem issues, improving performance for business or sports professionals, and more.

Where do I start?

Starting a career in Sophrology is now much simpler – in fact, today, we can study Sophrology also online with periodic residences.

You can learn more about the Sophrology Practitioner Diploma if you are looking to study Sophrology for your personal transformation, or to pursue a new career, or both.

You can find out more about the course requirements in the course description, and if you have any questions, you are welcome to schedule a call back with us.

Author: Dorna Revie, Master Sophrologist

The Sophrology Center in Switzerland was the first school in the world to offer the Sophrology Diploma Courses online and in English. It was established to meet the worldwide growing demands for Sophrology Courses as well as individual Sophrology Sessions