Frequently asked questions

Asking questions is a good thing.
If you do not see an answer to yours below please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at info@sophrologycenteronline.com.

How long does a typical course take to complete?

The length of each course depends on its scope, level and also on your needs. For example, the beginner Practitioner Diploma Course takes about 18 to 20 months to complete. See more in the Description and Course Structure area of this course.

Can I do any of the courses online?

Yes, we offer a range of online courses from beginner to advanced and specialist levels. Please note that some courses include also the ‘Residentials’, which usually take place in Switzerland.

Is Sophrology good for everybody?

Many methods and programs lead towards health and well-being. It is up to each individual to choose the one that suits them best, that they enjoy the most and that gives them the results they want. If they choose Sophrology, it’s because it is right for them at this time.

What if I become emotional?

When something unpleasant or dramatic happens then we will automatically feel strong emotions. These are meant to be lived fully. The emotion or energy in motion is there for a purpose. It is giving us information as to how to react, what to do to bring things back into balance.

The same thing applies to extremely joyful, exuberant emotions – they also need to be lived fully in the moment and gradually we come back to balance.

The important thing with emotions is that they keep activating themselves throughout the day and we go into highs and lows with no outside influence. In other words, we press start on internal videos and they either play out hurtful, frustrating and depressing or joyful, happy and exciting films.  Typically, practicing Sophrology means that your neural pathways will begin to choose positive videos leading to feelings of happiness and enjoyment.

How much does a Sophrology Practitioner Diploma Online cost?

The Sophrology Practitioner Diploma costs CHF 8,475.00 and due to pandemic includes the 2 x Residential Intensives online, each lasts 5 days. Flexible payment options are also available. When these Residentials take place in a live group setting, they are not included in this price. More about the costs and what is included in the price for each course is on our course pages. See here for more about Sophrology Practitioner Diploma.

What is the difference between different levels of Sophrology?

When we start exploring ourselves it is very important, we do it in a safe and structured order. Therefore, Sophrology has been carefully developed in specific stages, called Sophrology Levels. Each level is about creating awareness of certain areas and behavioural characteristics.

For example, in the Level 1 we start by focusing on the whole-body awareness, to create the energy needed for healing and regeneration. In the Level 2 we practice techniques to improve our visualisation skills, for empowerment, clear focus and manifestation.

In the beginner’s Practitioner Diploma Course, we have 4 Sophrology Levels. The advanced courses delve deeper into self-exploration of those levels.

Some of the exercises have physical movements, so what should I do to practice them in the train or supermarket queue?

If you have practiced the exercises daily, at home, then you can do the exercise, anytime, anywhere by imagining that you are doing the physical exercises.

Science has proven that just by watching a sport on TV the parts of the brain are activated as if you are actually doing the sport, so even although you have just done the exercises mentally the exercise will still be effective.

Are there any requirements for Sophrology Courses?

Yes. All our courses are online, so the most important is that you have a stable internet connection for training live with the rest of your class. To make the most of your experience you also need to plan for enough time to practice Sophrology every day on your own. This can take around 30 to 60 minutes a day. The advanced level courses are for certified Sophrologists only.

Before booking any of our courses please get in touch with us to discuss your wishes and any specific needs or requirements. Here you can book your free consultation.