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Our body may not appear to have a voice yet it speaks to us in each moment of the day and as we learn to listen to the messages our body is giving us we become more aware of how our interactions with things, people, situations and the world around us impacts us on every level of our being.    Read More

Have you ever wondered why we understand something we see, read or hear differently to someone else?  This can be anything from a movie, a play or ballet, to art, reading a book or even during a conversation…     Read More

Scientists who study and research the human brain, have come to know that even the brains’ unassuming act of perception is in fact an experience of astounding intricacy and as we begin to realise that our perceptions are greatly influenced by many life events and external factors, as discussed in our article about “How we experience things” we can better understand how we perceive our world, the things around us and the people in it.     Read More

17th November 2014

How we experience things

While practising sophrology we discover how our pre-judgement or prior knowledge plays an important part in our understanding, we become aware of how our own views, biases, culture and personal history have a significant impact on how we view the world.     Read More

29th October 2014

Exploring Our Values

Because our values determine our decisions and considering that decisions are an important part of life, we should understand that they also affect our lives and impact the lives of those around us too.     Read More

In Sophrology, the term human values, means the specific qualities that characterize human beings and define them as having a consciousness that is inseparable, original and transcendent.     Read More

Values are psychological objects, and although we can’t actually touch or see them, they are every bit as real as any physical object. We all have values that determine our decisions, they provide guidance, direction, meaning and purpose in our lives. Read More

Whether it’s a tennis match, football match or golf tournament

Performance anxiety can cripple a sportspersons performance!   Read More