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When we practise sophrology we focus on each of our 6 systems, either as a whole or independently to experience and discover everything that is interconnected and associated with the body parts, organs and endocrine glands.    Read More

In Sophrology we divide the body into 6 systems that follow the 5 major nerve plexus in the body which transport information to and from each system. Each nerve plexus is an intricate system of connected nerve fibers that link spinal nerves with specific areas of the body.    Read More

Because our relationships with people exists in our thoughts, this means that our relationship with another person is whatever we imagine it to be.    Read More

Through sophrology we learn that objective reality is a matter of seeing things as they are, this includes accepting the state or quality of things as being true as they are, rather than seeing them from a certain point of view or position based on our individual biases, interpretations, feelings, and imaginings.    Read More

Our everyday experience tells us that our emotions cause us to behave in certain ways.

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The principle of positive action is that when we think of something happy our body also expresses happiness. We are a holistic system and so whenever one tiny thing changes it has repercussions on the whole system.    Read More

Snacking when you are stressed can lead you down a road to an unhealthy weight.  From birth, we have learned to associate food with emotions and most of us don’t realize the huge emotional role that food plays in our lives.

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In today’s fast paced society, we become so intent and focused on day-to-day activities that we tend to ignore our body’s feelings and sensations and habitually continue to push ourselves to achieve the goals and intentions we have set out for ourselves.   Read More