Using the Power of Past Memories with Sophrology


Using the Power of Past Memories with Sophrology

In sophrology we practise living ‘in the moment’, by following the 4 sophrology attitudes;

(1) Without judgement

(2) As if it is the first time

(3) Put in brackets

(4) Vivential repetition


By adhering to these attitudes it becomes easier to move forward from certain chapters of life and to release past memories that no longer serve us, which is beneficial for our overall health and wellbeing.

We truly discover how staying present encourages appreciation… of the little things in life…

However, in sophrology we also learn that past memories are enormously valuable, because happiness can be achieved by means of ‘calling to mind’ the happy memories and events from the past.

Using a specific sophrology technique we learn to trigger or intensify our recall of a happy past memory or experience and we soon become successful at stimulating all five senses while vividly re-creating the details of a pleasant memory from our past, which is deeply beneficial in moments of anxiety, stress or difficulty because we are able to mentally transport ourselves to a happy memory in order to alleviate the anguish we are experiencing.

We discover, how simply reliving a beautiful day, for instance; calling to mind the memory of a joyful vacation we had, remembering the smells, the sounds, the tastes, the sun on our skin, the wind in our hair, etc. can provide comfort and relief from stress during difficult or painful times.

As we continue with sophrology practise and focus on the positive aspects of past experiences it prompts us to feel that we are reaching our ideals or dreams and helps reinforce our sense of identity.

There is definitely something to be said for using the power of past memories with sophrology, it’s where meaning can be recognised and positive recollection can be achieved resulting in happiness, and where the potential for personal growth can originate.

About sophrology

I run a sophrology online center through which people can download sophrology exercises and do them in their own homes. I also offer diploma courses and individual sophro-coaching sessions