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Sophro Tension Release

Individual Themed Exercises: Sophro Tension Release


Why do this exercise?

This exercise will help you release physical, mental and emotional tensions. A good exercise to do on a long flight as it helps to keep the blood moving and the limbs relaxed. Helpful at the end of the working day, so that you leave work behind and are refreshed and ready to enjoy your time off.   Can be  or just before going to sleep.

What happens during the exercise?
You sit in a chair, go through the body scan and then tense and release various parts of the body, as guided by the sophrologist.  As you release you will be guided to continue breathing out all tensions.

Doing anytime, anywhere rating
Suitable for places where you are comfortable visibly tensing and releasing various parts of your body.  It is easily adapted for use in trains, planes etc.Usually done sitting, but could also be done standing.

What to do before you start:

  • make sure you are in a place where it is safe for you to deeply relax and close your eyes.
  • Find a place to sit or lie down
  • Remind yourself of the sophrology attitudes
  • Have an audio player with the audio file
  • Have a notebook and pen ready

Regular practice:

We recommend that you do this exercise daily for a week and thereafter, whenever you think about it.  If you sense any tensions in the body during the day you can release them by doing the breathing, tense and release part of the exercise.

Course Assets

Video     1 x 15 min Video

MP3     1 x 15 min MP3