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Sophro POP (Person, Object, Project)

Individual Themed Exercises: Sophro POP (Person, Object, Project)


 Why do this exercise?

Focus on gratitude and appreciation to boost your vital energy.  By becoming more aware of and appreciating the people, objects and projects in our life, we generally feel happier and life tends to become easier.

What happens during the exercise

The sophrologist will guide you through the body scan and then ask you to think of a person whom you love and who loves you, an  object that you are happy to have in your life and a project that you enjoy.
An object: car, favorite clothes, mobile phone, garden, etc
A project: a hobby, walking, being with friends, something you like doing

Doing anytime, anywhere rating
Suitable exercise to do anywhere you can sit or lie down with your eyes closed and relax.

What to do before you start:

  • make sure you are in a place where it is safe for you to relax and close your eyes.
  • Find a place to sit or lie down
  • Remind yourself of the sophrology attitudes
  • Have an audio player with the audio file
  • Have a notebook and pen

Regular practice:

We recommend that you do this exercise daily for at least a week before going on to the next exercise.

Course Assets

Video     1 x 19 min Video

MP3     1 x 15 min MP3

PDF     Guidelines for maximum benefit