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Endocrine System Balancing

Individual Themed Exercises: Endocrine System Balancing


Why do this exercise?

 Give your body a boost by focusing on the glands in the endocrine system and appreciating the work they are doing.  The endocrine system is one of the major regulators of the body and we often just take it for granted.  Since energy follows thought or thoughts produce energy, just be thinking of the gland and appreciating it, makes us more aware of the gland and its vibrations, as well as bathing it is positive energy.

Note: If you no longer have one of the glands, just focus on where it used to be.

What happens during the exercise?

The sophrologists will guide you through the body scan and then to focus on each of the glands in turn, noticing it, appreciating it and sending gratitude.

Doing anytime, anywhere rating
Suitable exercise to do anywhere you can sit or lie down with your eyes closed.

What to do before you start:

  • Look up the endocrine system and become familiar with what the glands look like, where they are in the body and their basic functions.
  • make sure you are in a place where it is safe for you to deeply relax and close your eyes.
  • Find a place to sit or lie down
  • Remind yourself of the 4 sophrology attitudes
  • Have an audio player with the audio file
  • Have a notebook and pen

Regular practice:
We recommend that you do this exercise daily for a week so that you become aware of the different the different glands.  You may like to continue doing this exercise on a regular basis.

Course Assets

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