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Sophrology Diploma Course

Sophro-Ki® Sophrologist Diploma Course


Due to the high demand for sophrologists from people around the world, we have decided to launch this online diploma course.
The current courses are well underway and the participants are finding it to be even better than they imagined. Some of them travel with their work and so are delighted to find a recording of the course available on their computer in the evening so that they don’t miss a lesson. 

These Sophrology Diploma Courses are the first in the world to be offered by weekly Skype sessions along with intensive residentials. The aim is to train highly motivated sophrologists of a high standard.

The trainings are small, maximum 8 students, allowing individual attention and a more personalized approach to the training. The weekly classes keep you motivated and focussed in your daily sophrology training program leading to a greater understanding of the power of the sophrology exercises and a clearer vision of how you will present them to others.


 Who is the course aimed at?

Typically, people who do the course are interested in starting a new career, adding additional skills to their current career or simply want to reap the benefits of a powerful and effective self-development program.

People who follow this course include: teachers, coaches, psychologists, hypno-therapists, nurses, doctors, mangers, directors, mothers, fathers, .  .  .


 Why choose Sophrology Center Online Courses?

  • Small classes giving easy interaction with the teachers
  • Personal sophrology training programme as integral part of the course
  • Meet up with students from around the world
  • Weekly classes in the comfort of your own home or office
  • Videos of the classes so that you can watch them over again
  • Mp3s of the sophrology exercises for easier home practice
  • Course Manuals: Theory, Exercises, Daily Training Manual
  • Sophrology teachers from different schools – giving a breadth of knowledge
  • Instruction on how work with individuals and groups
  • Basic Sophro-coaching techniques included in the foundation course
  • Neuro-Linguistic techniques and Energy Medicine techniques
  • Certification recognised by the International Sophrology Federation


Sophrology Exercise Positions – (Videos)







  • 4   X 8 virtual classroom sessions – 90mins/2hrs
  • 2 face-to-face intensives – midway after evels 1 & 2 – Final after levels 3 & 4
  • Personal daily training  – 15 to 60mins exercise with write-ups
  • Theory, research, exams, work-project



  • Certification  is given after successful completion of the foundation course, the personal training, written & oral exam and final work project.
  • Certification allows you work with others give classes and individual sessions
  • The certificate will be issued by Energy Centre, Geneva Switzerland.



The certification is recognised by the International Sophrology Federation

Energy Centre is an accredited school by ASCA the Swiss Association of Therapists (for people living in Switzerland who would like to be members of ASCA they will need to complete a 4 day course with special ASCA requirements)



  • Dorna Revie, Sophrologist, trained in Caycedian Sophrology, NLP and Reiki trainer
  • Guest teachers: from several sophrology schools and with a variety of expertise