Sophrology one-to-one for Childbirth


Sophrology for Childbirth


Prenatal Sophrology, is a mental, physical and emotional preparation for pregnant women and women who want to be pregnant.


Private sessions and classes to help you prepare for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labour, birth and parenthood.

Prenatal Sophrology eases many of the physiological discomforts of pregnancy, labour and childbirth, by enhancing coping mechanisms, altering pain perception and creating inner confidence, strength and calmness.

It relieves anxieties around childbirth and pregnancy as well as the stress present in your life before, during and after pregnancy. It is also effective in easing the psycho-emotional impact of infertility and miscarriage.

Postnatal Sophrology accompanies women as they adjust to motherhood, enhances their relationship with their babies and their partners. It eases postnatal physical discomforts and emotional issues and can help prevent or relieve postnatal expression. Sophrology is Conscious Awareness Training.

It consists of a series of physical and mental exercises that are short, easy to do and can be practiced anytime, anywhere. To facilitate daily practice recordings of the exercises are provided by the sophrologist.

A course of individual sessions can also include your husband or partner.

Pre-natal      –  6 sessions
Post natal     – 6 sessions

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