Sophrology One-to-One


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What is sophrology one-to-one?

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Sophrology one-to-one can be coaching, therapy or both.

However, it is much more than would normally be expected from either of these. Sophrology one-to-one is a holistic structured method of working with mind, body and emotions on many levels of consciousness.

Typically, people notice a positive difference right from the first session, however, our experience has shown that minimum period of 3 months gives time for the process to be very effective and the results longer lasting.

Sophrology One-2-One is different from sophrology classes in that we will be working on your specific personal goals and concerns such as:

  • anxiety, stress and depression
  • challenges in the family
  • challenges at work
  • exam success
  • sports competitions
  • passing your driving test
  • finding your life path
  • realising your dreams
  • maternity (pre and post natal)

Sophrology one to one is also very effective for phobias such as:

  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of answering the telephone
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Below is an overview of the different one-to-one sophrology packages.

We will determine the best option for you based on our initial discussion.

3 months – 3 personal sessions with your own sophrologist

  • ONE level of the 4 levels of sophrology
  • 3 months sophrology One-2-One package
  • 3 x 60 mins One-2-One sessions (Online)
  • 6 x MP3’s of sophrology exercises

4 months – 8 personal sessions with your own sophrologist

  • ONE level of the 4 levels of sophrology
  • 4 months sophrology One-2-One package
  • 8 x 60 mins One-2-One sessions (Online)
  • 8 x MP3’s of sophrology exercises

12 months – 32 personal sessions with your own sophrologist

  • 4 levels that make up the foundation cycle of sophrology
  • 12-16 months sophrology One-2-One package
  • 32 X 60 mins One-2-One sessions (Online)
  • MP3’s of sophrology exercises for daily practice
  • Email access for questions and concerns

Sophrology One-2-One starts with a 30 mins discussion with one of our sophrologists.

If you decide to start then you will be sent a confidential, detailed questionnaire which will already give you many insights. This will then be followed by the first session with your personal sophrologist.

Sophrology Exercise Positions

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