My self-confidence and trust in my myself has improved


My self-confidence and trust in my myself has improved

Sophrology has changed my life. I was sick when I started with Sophrology sessions many years ago and it helped me understand that I am in charge of my body. I would believe the doctors and medicines were going to make me fine. But then they could only help, unless I take charge of myself I found they had their limitations, and found I was not seeing the healing as required. With the help of Sophrology my healing was faster.

That is when I thought of studying and doing a course in Sophrology.

Through Sophrology today, I am able to self analyse myself better and know, where I am wrong. So I automatically don’t judge anyone including myself. I realised that there is no right and wrong, and that the universe has only one language of love and positivity and that is the only perfection that exists. I have to keep my body, mind and spirit in harmony with each other. This is an ongoing process.I am creating my positive future full of well being. I found my self-confidence and trust in my myself has improved tremendously. I am extremely happy and proud to have chosen to do this course on Sophrology so that I could help many more in this universe.

Again, I found that all this what I experienced and could help bring about the change in me takes time and perseverance and belief.

I am in charge of my body, mind and spirit and everything around us would then automatically speak the same language to us.


About sophrology

I run a sophrology online center through which people can download sophrology exercises and do them in their own homes. I also offer diploma courses and individual sophro-coaching sessions