Loving the life I live


Loving the life I live

Some aspects of life are really difficult now, but Sophrology has helped me to be more in the present time, accept life as it is, understand that it is as it is meant to be, and be grateful. I do strongly believe that it is important to be loving the life we live. Thoughts are powerful and I am working on ensuring my thoughts are helpful, being fully conscious and intentioned.
In the level 1 course, taking a step back and seeing the wonder of our bodies is an amazing and joyful thing to do. Taking time with the sophrology exercises is like a gift to myself each day. They bring a positive outlook, self-confidence, calmness, joy and harmony and are truly enjoyable. And learning, as always, brings me joy!

There are some immediate benefits already after the first level – I am sleeping better, breathing easier, smiling more. There has also been a reminder to listen to my body – and to notice the signals which are used to highlight when I’m not listening!

Sophrology is what I need now. Everything I am doing seems right for my life. So many things we do in the course remind me about things I heard about and tried in some way before and now dig deeper into. It’s hard to explain but I believe this is exactly where my life is supposed to be now. The course has been fantastic and I’m really looking forward to all that is still to come.

Shona Fullerton

About sophrology

I run a sophrology online center through which people can download sophrology exercises and do them in their own homes. I also offer diploma courses and individual sophro-coaching sessions