I’m glad I took the plunge


I’m glad I took the plunge

I just want to thank you for changing my life. I didn’t really know what to expect as I have never heard of sophrology before but as I have been feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed for a while now and frustrated that I can’t seem to break out of it, I just thought I’d give sophrology a try.

I downloaded the Starter Kit, a few weeks ago, and put all the audios on my phone. I can’t get enough of them. Each time I have a moment I sit down and listen to your voice. The first time I did the Mood Lifting I didn’t really notice anything but I persevered and half way through the week, I started to notice tingling in my hands and that one arm seemed much bigger than the other. I started to be curious about what else was going on that I wasn’t aware of.

Now after just a few weeks, even although my life hasn’t changed outwardly, I am smiling more, I feel lighter, sleep better and somehow get through my work faster. I am about to start on the Sophro-Dynamic Relaxations and can’t wait to find out how my life can get even better. Thanks again Jane

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I run a sophrology online center through which people can download sophrology exercises and do them in their own homes. I also offer diploma courses and individual sophro-coaching sessions