How stress affects your brain


How stress affects your brain

It is well known and well-documented that sophrology exercises massively reduce stress and increase health and well-being, however, many people ignore or are completely unaware of the amount of daily stress in their lives.

I was guilty of just that and let my stress levels increase so much that my body just gave up altogether.

This is now known as tumblr_inline_o2s21b0qDv1sndsvm_540Burn-Out but at the time when it happened to me the name Burn-Out had not been created and neuro-surgeons labeled my condition as possibly being Parkinsons or Multiple Sclerosis. This diagnosis, of course, stressed me even more, but luckily I discovered sophrology and within a couple of months had experienced a huge reduction in my symptoms and an increase in energy.

Now that I am studying neuroscience I am discovering what stress actually does to different parts of the brain and how it negatively impacts our daily life.  I now give classes in colleges and schools teaching students how to enjoy exams without stress.

Click on the link below to discover how to create stress and what it does to you.

How Stress Affects your Brain



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