How sophrology has impacted my life


How sophrology has impacted my life

My sleep pattern has improved greatly since the first week of starting Sophrology, from waking up regularly at 4 am in the morning as far back as 6mths beforehand, to returning to my normal pattern and that has remained constant, thankfully!

I feared I had lost my confidence driving of late because of the pandemic I rarely drive the car so when I faced my fears recently I took the car out for a 2hr drive and found I was totally at ease, in control, and comfortable with the experience…enjoyable almost!

Then a few weeks ago, on my return to work after a year out due to the pandemic, I would have expected to be far more anxious and worried about going back than I was however, it was not as traumatic as I expected it to be…in fact the opposite is true and that has been the biggest eye-opener for me!

Since taking up Sophrology with Dorna & the team I have really enjoyed the daily practices they have shared with us but more importantly I have noticed how much calmer I feel overall…and so has my fiance, with fewer mood swings, happier and more well-balanced feeling in general.

Natalie Gould

About sophrology

I run a sophrology online center through which people can download sophrology exercises and do them in their own homes. I also offer diploma courses and individual sophro-coaching sessions