How long does a typical course take to complete?

We recommend that you practice each Sophrology exercise, daily, for at least one week before moving on to the next one. So at this rhythm the First Level Course would take 7 weeks.

Some people, however, like to spend longer on each exercise. Some like to do the exercises every second day and some like to repeat the 1st level a few times before going on to the Second Level and so on. Basically, Sophrology is all about awareness, so when you feel ready go on to the next exercise. If you want to back track and do some of the previous ones, that is perfect.

Sophrology is based on repetition of the exercises. The more you repeat them the more awareness you will have and the more awareness you have and the more time you spend in pleasant emotional states, the easier life will become.

Can I do any of the courses online?

It is important to do the Sophrology courses in order. Sophrology is a powerful self-development method and one step leads to the next. If done out of order, you may find them emotionally difficult, you may just fall asleep a lot or you may find there is a resistance to doing them.

If followed in the correct order, the path, although may sometimes provoke emotional releases, will be easier and smoother.

What is the purpose of doing the main Sophrology program?

Prof. Caycedo who created the program was a real visionary. In 1960 when he created the name Sophrology for his medical research his vision was that in the future people would be so rushed and stressed that they would need a quick, easy and manageable program to bring them back to optimal health and well-being. He created the Sophrology method with this in mind and over the years has developed it into a structured daily exercise program that can be done anytime anywhere.

What can I do if I only have 3 mins to exercise in?

Do the body scan. If we concentrate on the body then the mind is focused in present time and becomes calm. Research shows that 80% of our energy needs to be in present time for the body to remain at the current state of health. To become healthier we need to bring more energy into present time. How to we do that? One way is to practice keeping the mind focused in present time.

Is Sophrology good for everybody?

Many methods and programs lead towards health and well-being. It is up to each individual to choose the one that suits them best, that they enjoy the most and that gives them the results they want. If they choose Sophrology, it’s because it is right for them at this time.

What if something awful happens?

When something unpleasant or dramatic happens then we will automatically feel strong emotions. These are meant to be lived fully. The emotion or energy in motion is there for a purpose. It is giving us information as to how to react, what to do to bring things back into balance.

The same thing applies to extremely joyful, exuberant emotions – they also need to be lived fully in the moment and gradually we come back to balance.

The important thing with emotions is that they keep activating themselves throughout the day and we go into highs and lows with no outside influence. In other words, we press start on internal DVDs and they either play out hurtful, frustrating and depressing or joyful, happy and exciting films.

How do the online courses work?

You choose, pay for and download the course. You will receive demonstration video and 7 audio files.

You start listening to the first audio daily, for a minimum of one week or longer if you like.

When you feel ready, you practice the 2nd audio session, while being guided through the exercise by the audio file. Practice daily for one week or longer and when ready listen to the third.

Keep going until you have finished the 7 parts of the course.

It can be very beneficial to repeat the course several times and also, after completing the course once, to choose your favourite exercises and practice them. Usually, in our society, we are encouraged to practice things we are not good at, so that we improve them, in Sophrology we suggest that you practice things that you like and find easy, so that you become more and more into a state of joy and happiness and less and less in the ‘have to’ mode.

What is the difference between the foundation and specialised exercises and the First, Second, Third and Fourth Levels?

The foundation exercises are designed as a smooth way into the main Sophrology program. The specialized exercises are designed for specific purposes for example, improved sleep, power napping.

The name and short explanation will guide you as to the possible benefits.

Some of the exercises have physical movements, so what should I do to practice them in the train or supermarket queue?

If you have practiced the exercises daily, at home, then you can do the exercise, anytime, anywhere by imagining that you are doing the physical exercises.

Science has proven that just by watching a sport on TV the parts of the brain are activated as if you are actually doing the sport, so even although you have just done the exercises mentally the exercise will still be effective.

Is Sophrology the only method that does these things?

All the self-development methods, trainings and techniques, from the East and the West, have the same aims:
• Being in present time
• Focussing on the what makes us feel good
• Growing awareness
• Taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions

Sophrology is just one of these methods.

What about emotions?

Emotions are often thought of, in the energy medicine world, as being ‘energy in motion’. Emotions are the energy that moves the body. Try the exercise ‘Emotional Body’ to experience the connection ‘Mind, Body, Emotions’.

Each moment of the day we choose our emotions. We choose whether to be happy or sad, angry or joyful, etc.

What can we do to quickly change our emotions from sad to happy, from frustration to joy?

We first thank ourselves for noticing that we have pressed start on an unpleasant DVD movie.

We press stop and eject to remove the DVD
We insert new DVD with happy, joyful, pleasant memories
We repeat this process each time the unpleasant DVDs start to play

I have a theory that the unpleasant DVDs are all on the lower shelves of the library and the pleasant ones are on the upper shelves. When we are feeling heavy and experiencing unpleasant emotions we tend to be looking down and we notice all these unpleasant movies and play the DVDs one after the other. We have whole series of the same situation.

On the other hand, when we are feeling cheerful and happy, we are looking up and we notice all the happy, joyful pleasant movies. We also have a whole series of these and if we start to play them more frequently, life tends to improve in leaps and bounds.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it and see.

Sophrology exercises are designed to facilitate this process. Just by regularly practicing them, people tend to find that they have moved into a more upbeat cinema.