Embarking on my sophrology journey


Embarking on my sophrology journey

Embarking on my sophrology journey is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and, ultimately, for those who surround me.

In particular, Level 1 has brought the body back at the center of my being. It has been very powerful and very playful at the same time to discover how awareness of my body allows me to work on my mind and spirit.

While being playful Level 1 has also been instrumental in starting to establish a daily self care routine, whether it is my daily sophrology exercise, my daily breathing exercises or the integration pauses and others “tools” I use during the day to take stock, be aware and therefore have the “distance” necessary to make better decisions and be more in control when it pays to be.

Even though this is not a new concept to me, sophrology has helped me live by the principle that you cannot always control what happens to you but you can always control your response to events. It has done so by providing me with simple, easy, playful and pragmatic tools to have more control over my mind and understand how my body can help me achieve this.
Level 1 has aslo been very impactful for me by allowing me to make a positive impact on those around me by providing simple guidance to manage stress.
Embarking on my sophrology journey has brought some clarity to my vision and reaffirmed my desire to make a positive impact to people around, and therefore to focus on my personal growth as a pre-requisite to realizing this vision.

-Cecile Tiano

About sophrology

I run a sophrology online center through which people can download sophrology exercises and do them in their own homes. I also offer diploma courses and individual sophro-coaching sessions