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A life changing Sophro-ki® Sophrology Diploma Course
Designed for Women Leaders
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Conscious-Leadership Diploma Course 



Would you like an exciting new career helping people to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing? Our sophrology diploma courses will equip you with everything you need to become a qualified practitioner, including certification bEy the Energy Centre in Geneva, Switzerland, as recognised by the International Sophrology Federation.

Unlike many other courses that advertise as online courses but are offered as correspondence courses, our courses are offered on line in real time so that you can participate in those lectures and discussions in an interactive way.

Our unique and rewarding curriculum is taught online in virtual classrooms in the comfort
of your own home or office, making it incredibly easy to fit into your busy schedule. There are also two face-to-face residential intensives and personal daily training with written assignments.

Mail AttachmentThe midway and final residential intensives are an integral part of the course.  They provide you with a rich learning experience in the company of your peers, and also represent excellent value with board and lodging included in the additional cost.

The residentials for this course will be held in Switzerland.

To find out more about this course, please fill in the contact form below for a 30-minute consultation with Dorna Revie.



  • Receive greater tuition thanks to our small class sizes – maximum 8 students.
  • Personal training as an integral part of the course.
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home or office with virtual classroom time.
  • Classes are recorded so you’ll never miss an important lesson.
  • MP3s of sophrology exercises for easier home practise.
  • Course Manuals: Theory, Exercises.
  • Sophrology teachers from different schools give a breadth of knowledge.
  • Basic sophro-coaching techniques included in the foundation course.
  • Learn neuro-linguistic and Energy Medicine techniques adapted for sophrology.
  • Gain a certification recognised by the International Sophrology Federation.
  • At the end of your foundation course you will be certified to set up your own sophrology practice, run sophrology classes and give individual sessions.


  • 16 month course
  • 4 x 8 2hrs modules through virtual, real time, classroom sessions online
  • 2 x 5 day residential intensives – in Switzerland
  • Personal daily training – 15-60 minute exercises with write-ups
  • Theory and research
  • Work Project in which you teach a sophrology course


  • Certification is given after completion of the foundation course, personal training, written and oral examinations, and final project work.
  • Your certificate will allow you to give classes and individual sessions.
  • The certificate will be issued by Energy Centre, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Your qualification will be recognised by the International Sophrology Federation.
  • Main teachers: Dorna Revie, Sophrologist, trained in the Caycedian school of sophrology. Diana Ritchie and Eva Molnar, trained at Energy Centre.
  • Guest teachers from several sophrology schools.




Course 21A.
Each Monday 8pm(20h) Paris (Central European Time -check summer saving time) Central European Time – via Real Time Video Conference (duration 2 hrs)
To check the times in your part of the world – CLICK HERE 

Course 21B.
Each Monday 12noon(12h)
 Paris (Central European Time -check summer saving time) Central European Time – via Real Time Video Conference (duration 2 hrs)
To check the times in your part of the world – CLICK HERE 

NOTE: If the times of the courses do not fit for where you live in the world, please let us know and we will add a course in your time zone.


  • Level 1: 16th Apr. to 4th Jun. 2018
  • Level 2: 23rd Jul. to 10th Sep. 2018
  • Level 3: 29th Oct. to 17th Dec. 2018
  • Level 4: 4th Feb. to  25th Mar. 2019

MIDWAY Residential 

VENUE: Les Bains d’Ovronnaz, Switzerland, www.thermalp.ch
DATES: Mon 17th at 6pm (18h)-Sat 22nd at 12h30pm September 2018



FINAL Residential

VENUE: Les Bains d’Ovronnaz, Switzerland, www.thermalp.ch
DATES: Mon 13th at 6pm (18h) Sat 18h at 12h30pm May 2019 (12h30)


  • Diploma Course 21 – $7,975*
  • Residential intensives – Swiss Francs CHF 1012.50.-  for board and lodgings per residential (inc. individual room with balcony, half-board, coffee/tea breaks, access to thermal springs, saunas and hammams)
    To be paid directly to the Thermalp, Ovronnaz at the end of your stay

* Payment plans are available on request, making it easier to invest in your future. Please fill in the contact form below to discuss the course, to find out if it is a fit for you and to receive details on payment plans and registration forms.


The Diploma course fee includes all tuition, course materials (manuals), MP3s and Class video recording, exam and work project mentoring.
The residential cost is for your board & lodging and is paid directly to the hotel.


We like to talk with all prospective students before signing up for the course so that we can answer your questions, discuss the course and help you to decide if it is really for you.


Sophrologist Diploma Course Online

If you are considering taking this course either for personal development or to become a qualified sophrologist, please fill in the form below and book a time to have this discussion.