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Like to share your sophrology experience? Reading other people’s experiences of how sophrology has made a positive difference to their lives, can be very inspiring and motivating.  If you have had such an experience we would love to hear it.

We are also interested to hear and see a photo of unusual and beautiful places where you have practiced sophrology and what was your experience of it.

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I am more aware of my thoughts and how I can change them.

Sohprology as made me feel more alive and aware in my daily life. I notice simple joys of life, smells, sounds, the hugs of my children, and the beauty of nature more presently than I ever did before. I feel …
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I have really started to appreciate my five senses

The more I learn about Sophrology, the more I find myself being far more conscious on a daily basis of my thoughts, experiences and body. I have really started to appreciate my five senses, having just studied them in Level …
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Despite menopause, I can sleep again!

To be able to imagine yourself having a wonderful, deep sleep in detail and then have it manifest night after night has been literally life-changing for me. Jenni Heinrich – Woodvale, Victoria Australia

Sophrology has influenced and transformed my life

Sophrology has influenced and transformed my life in so many ways. The foundational first level of sophrology taught me to notice and become fully present in my body. Level two offered the joining of mind to body through senso-perception and …
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I have become more aware of my body

Throughout the module I have become more aware of my body and the physical feelings I experience when experiencing certain emotions. overall I am calmer and less anxious. Daniel Fine

Sophrology has changed my life

I was sick when I started with Sophrology sessions many years ago and it helped me understand that I am in charge of my body. I would believe the doctors and medicines were going to make me fine. But then …
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My self-confidence and trust in my myself has improved

Sophrology has changed my life. I was sick when I started with Sophrology sessions many years ago and it helped me understand that I am in charge of my body. I would believe the doctors and medicines were going to …
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Power to ‘dismiss’ the panic attacks

Since I have been practising sophrology, the most significant change to my life has been the power to ‘dismiss’ the panic attacks that were taking place at the onset of hot flushes (using the anchor technique). I experience on average, …
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I excitedly looked forward to each new lesson

After the first two weeks of online training and daily exercises there was an immediate response from my body, mind and soul. The conscious awareness created is a welcome energy that I have not experienced prior to now. As the …
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I noticed that forgiving is a way to liberate my mind

Level 3 changed my point of view about time and space, gave me a new perception about life itself. Taught me how to cleanse my emotions, how to erase my bad memories, how to concentrate better on my inner world …
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Sophrology has given me tools to feel much calmer

Sophrology is a secret and very integrable tool that makes me feel much better in my every day life. The practise of sophrology has given me tools to feel much calmer and as if I have further on developed my …
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Sophrology is a tool for personal development

I have discovered after completing the exercises I started becoming more focused and more aware of everything that was happening in my body and in my mind, people and the environment. Therefore I am becoming more grateful, optimistic, more responsible …
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Sophrology has brought confidence and calm

Sophrology has brought a presence into my life. A practice where I can connect to my body and process what is happening. I crave this time to let go and be judgment free and tune into myself and have this …
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Sophrology has made me a much calmer person overall

I have become far more conscious of my body and the endocrine system. Being able to stop and focus on my breathing and my body each day has been such a pleasure and I have become far less stressed in …
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Feeling calmer and less anxious.

My experience with Sophrology so far has been amazing! In general I feel calmer and less anxious.  I have really enjoyed taking 20 min out of my day to just focus on me and my body and definitely feel more conscious …
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Sophrology has helped me connect to my body

I have found that sophrology has helped me connect to my body in quite a profound way. I am now much more aware of living IN my body and am able to experience life more holistically and fully. Being aware …
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My incredible sophrology journey

I am so very happy that i discovered Sophrology. It has been such an incredible journey thus far. The Sophrology course is an amazing thing for any and every person to do. It gives you the tools to live a …
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Embarking on my sophrology journey

Embarking on my sophrology journey is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and, ultimately, for those who surround me. In particular, Level 1 has brought the body back at the center of my being. It …
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Truly Life Giving

I just cant believe how fortunate i am to have discovered Sophrology. It feels like i have spent my life studying many seemingly random types of healing and mindfulness modalities and things that i now see are all relevant to …
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A journey of self discovery for me

Sophrology came into my live a few months ago and it has had a very oveall calming effect on me. I feel supported and recourced through the wealth of exercises that we have learnt. My sleep has improved and i …
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Integrative Nutritional Health Coach

My testimonial to the sophrology center online: When i found the sophrology center online program, i felt as if i had an inherent knowledge that i should participate in their program. Researching for a paper that i was writing for …
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Me after Level 1 Sophrology Exercise

I became happier, more balanced and confident person. I feel alive. even after only Level 1 I smile a lot. I am no longer in the past or no longer think the future. Sophrology exercises gave me strength to deal …
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Sophrology really helped

I haven’t been sleeping well for months, perhaps even more than a year. My job is really stressful and I worry a lot about managing to get all my work done. I found it really difficult to get to sleep …
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Calmer and more focused

A sophrology exercise calms me more than just a regular meditations session. I feel more focused and relaxed after an exercise and that allows me to be more productive. An added benefit of regular sophrology in winter is that it …
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Sophrology really helped

I haven’t been sleeping well for months, perhaps even more than a year. My job is really stressful and I worry a lot about managing to get all my work done. I found it really difficult to get to sleep …
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Sophrology session online

This first sophrology session online per Skype and in english was a really great experience. With people coming from different countries, all living at the same time this sophro state of being was really a unique experience that became true …
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How Sophrology made my work day less stressful

I learned the futurisation Sophrology exercises and of all the exercises I had learned so far this has been my favorite one. I used it to send positive energy and joy to a time in the future where I saw …
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Sophrology has taken the worry out of sleep

I haven’t been sleeping well for months, perhaps even more than a year. My job is really stressful and I worry a lot about managing to get all my work done. I found it really difficult to get to sleep …
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I’m glad I took the plunge

Hi I just want to thank you for changing my life. I didn’t really know what to expect as I have never heard of sophrology before but as I have been feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed for a while now …
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18th September 2017

After level 3, the past and memories, I understood that :
– wrong, bad memories of the past influence how I feel in the present, and my thoughts of the future. So incredible that by modifying them, I feel so better now.
– it also has an impact on the physical aspect (less tensions, the way I am standing) and on the impact of my words (more listened to, more taken into account, how I express them).
– I feel more confident, free (mind and body).
– New ideas come, everything seems possible, less barriers or no more barriers for me. I choose my life. When I say I, it is the new Valérie without any limiting thoughts, without any fears impacting my choices, my acts, my words, my feelings, my body. I feel grown up (mind and body)
– My love for my beloved is more intense.
– MY values are back, much clearer and evident

Valérie, Yens

28th August 2017

Sophrology has been great in re-balancing and re-focusing my life. It has been a very interesting journey so far, and it is just the beginning. It has forced me to slow down, and take the time to prioritise relaxation and re-balancing in my every day life. The exercises are practical and easy to do, with quick and positive results. It would be wonderful if everyone could incorporate Sophrology into their lives and daily routines. I believe it can have a very powerful impact in the long-term, and I am delighted to see that it is offered at my children’ school.

Deanne, Prangins

7th May 2017

It has made me much more serene and confident in myself.
A huge weight that I had on my shoulders has completely disappeared.
I am even more positive as I was before. I enjoy every experience in my life. I put the more complicated things into perspective and take pleasure even in hard tasks, and I communicate my positive attitude with others.
I am so confident that I have no fears any more. I feel very strong and just appreciate the present moments.
I am more aware of my thoughts and replace them if they are not mine, not appropriated. What I do is think of my senses outer or inner, and it just makes me serene and the thought disappear.
I also have discovered my animal guide, like my spiritual guide, very gentle with me, and giving me a lot of advice that I take into account and apply. I also makes me peaceful.
I also respect my body more than before, being much more aware of it and loving it.
I love and appreciate myself.
I take decisions, I act more quickly as before without questioning myself to much before and I really love it.
I realized that I was already using the affirmations since about 15 years, as I was taught to use them. i became aware of this, because since the long time it has became an automatism. This really works. I will use it even more, for example to help me in making important choices in my life, as a guide.
The object/subject allowed me to love and respect myself, to take care of myself and to be just myself, which makes me much more confident.

Valérie, Yens

24th March 2017

Artist and Therapist

“When I discovered sophrology, I actually thought I was going for some kind of soft gymnastic, and I was immediately drawn to it, because I could feel the benefits of movement without effort and stress.

I have been showing a few exercises to the children and the teachers of Amber, an Indian village where we run an NGO, called the Tushita Foundation, and one of my dreams right now is to spend more time with them and train the students to physical and emotional awareness.

The Sophrology Center Online has given me the opportunity to challenge myself and keep on learning. I trust that this training will give further structure to my propositions and a solid theoretical base.

Furthermore, being a member of the International Sophrology Federation will make me part of a community of like-minded practitioners with whom to share observations, reflections and ideas.”

Rosenda, Paris

25th January 2017

– I feel a lot of serenity, no stress which helps me a lot to express myself clearer and to be understood and listened well. It is now easier to convince my colleagues. It is as if I have no emotions while expressing myself, the words are coming out the way I am thinking them, not the way I am feeling them
– I do not get angry at all. I simply say what I do not like or when something disturbs me.
– I am well anchored and have more self confidence
– My ideas and my goals are clear
– I am more concentrated
– I think less, and act more. This helps me to be more efficient and less stressed.
It is important to me to do the exercises every day, and to take a few minutes for me, only for me.
Breathing helps me a lot to sleep better and to relax.
Before starting sophrology, I always felt a non stopping stressing energy in my body (especially in my 1st and 3rd systems), that has now disappeared I feel much better.
These exercises helped me to respect myself more and I have the feeling to be more respected, great :o)
I am aware of my body which helps me being in the present time. It is as if a lot of my thoughts have disappeared (and they took me a lot of energy), and now the energy has gone down in my body. I feel more harmonized (mind and body).
The pain I had in my shoulders (as if I was supporting a huge weight on them) has disappeared.

Valérie, Yens

15th January 2017

At the end of level 1 I feel closer to myself and to my values. Practising sophrology has increased my stamina, my focus and well being. I feel more stable and resilient emotionally with a nice sense of warmth and happiness. My professional life has shifted in a very positive way with exciting projects and less tension. Practising daily and keeping a journal really helped me focus and I enjoy itmore and more as if giving myself a treat every day. When you are very busy you think you don’t have the time and then you see how easy it gets to fit it in and how Positively it impacts your life I am looking forward to the next level of discovery .

Nathalie, Geneva

1st September 2016

Experience of Sophrology Level 3

I think the one word that best sums up the biggest change in me over the course of sophrology Level 3, is “acceptance”. I have become much more accepting of myself as a person, my circumstances, my past… and also of whatever the future will throw at me. I have learnt to view my emotions objectively, and in doing so, better manage them. I have also become aware of so many positive aspects of my past, enabling me to finally let go of many of the less positive aspects. Level 3 has given me just what I needed to be able to venture forth into an open future, with greater trust in my own ability to navigate uncertain paths, and manifest my own destinations.

Elyssa, Geneva

26th July 2016

I found the third level Sophrology component quite emotional, as it dealt with and brought about many sad and happy emotions. It enabled me to overcome certain sad memories, which I kept away deep inside knowing that I could not readily deal with them or didn’t know how to. I felt it opened me up emotionally to accept this and at the same time overcome any negative, sad emotions linked to it. Sophrology helped to elevate happy emotions as well, by reliving and envisioning it. It was amazing to feel the physical sensations of the body during a sad emotion and a happy one.
It was also a remarkable experience to be able to switch from a sad memory or emotion to a happy one. The way in which the happy memory or moment overpowered the sad one, made it easier to overcome.
I really enjoyed the 6 steps … Each time was a totally different experience and outcome. I was amazed at how the mind linked with the physical body while taking the steps. The first time I did the exercise, I was quite amazed at how unbalanced I was, I envisioned certain past memories at the beginning and managed to work through and overcome them. As I progressed with this exercise, I realized how confident, sturdy and balanced I was. I also felt the present moments and envisioned the future … Nothing of the past came to me, just moving forward was all that mattered.

Ishana, Johannesburg

9th April 2016

Level 2 Sophrology Experience

Level 2 Sophrology has taught me so much more about myself, my 5 senses and how my mind works, and in depth awareness of my body.
My experience with the 5 senses was remarkable, never before did I become so aware of my 5 senses of my body and how they worked simultaneously, together with my mind. It was amazing to experience tasting something, and at the same time, triggering all other senses at the same time. It was like a holistic view of my sensory organs, at the same time bringing about joy and happiness with regards to my life experiences.
Self realization: I discovered how important they are and I shouldn’t take them for granted.

Another fantastic experience was the connection with my muscles of my body. I never gave them this personal attention before, like I did during my Sophrology exercises. Although I exercise at the gym and use them all the time in my life, this was the first time I appreciated and treasured them – knowing that I cannot live without them. If I now exercise, I look at them with pride and I feel grateful for having them.

I really enjoyed the crystal and flying into space … This was a great experience and made me feel “on top of the world”. Most of the time, I never wanted to return … Feeling a sense of freedom, warmth and happiness was really nice. The experience in my crystal brought about peace, confidence, calmness and at the same time lots of positive energy.

By selectively giving attention to each system and My whole body, I felt totally relaxed, happy and very grateful that I have a fully functional body, one that I took for granted before and not anymore.

Ishana, Johannesburg

9th April 2016

Experience of Level 2 Sophrology

My experience of level 2 sophrology has been just as constructive and rewarding as my experience of level 1. It has continued to take me to deeper levels of understanding and self-awareness, allowing me to let go of the past, and look ahead to a fulfilling future.
Level 2 has shown me how to look at myself objectively and learn to accept myself (and in turn others), in a far more unconditional way. It has also taught me to connect to my physical senses (becoming far more aware of myself and my environment), and additionally to my “inner” senses – teaching me that everything is simply about our choice of perception, and that the potential within us to create and manifest our own realities is unlimited. The more we train our brains to focus on what is positive, the more we really do create a positive reality for ourselves. It really does work!
When I start doing the sophrology exercises, I now automatically sink into a feeling of peace. When I feel the warmth in my body, it is such a powerful feeling of healing…. and however negative, or self-piteous I am feeling, the exercises never fail to put things back into perspective and remind me of what’s really important in life.

Elyssa, Geneva

29th March 2016

After 1ST Level Sophrology : getting (finally) connected to my body...for the sake of my health !

In life, the legacy of our education and values-system often conduct us to live a life that does not belong to us, by simply repeating what has been taught to us. And despite I was conscious of it, I did not experienced it physically … untiI decided to register to Sophology courses with Dorna Revie.

This first level made me conscious of all the pain I felt in my body. When I think of all the tensions, ache, all the physical suffering and distress I was silencing down to keep running a life that was not making me trully happy… I am SO GLAD I finally decided to listen at what my body was trying to express.

And by listening at it, I found out that the pains I was handeling were not normal, and not due only to tiredness and stress. I was truely ill, and needed serious care!I without sophrology I can affirm that I would have had to go through serious issues within a short period of time. Now I am paying more attention to my health and the signs my body is sending me, slowing down my crazy life and cure myself 🙂

I am so grateful I go the chance to reconnect to my body ! Thank you Dorna, thank you Sophrology 🙂

PS : I really love having those online class and meetings with my promotion colleagues, sharing experiences and listening at what others are feeling about the exercises is truely motivating !

A.Sophie, Khartoum, Sudan

22nd January 2016

Difference in myself after Sophrology Level 1

Having just completed level one, I have noticed so many differences in myself already – both physically and mentally. I have spent most of my life living in my head, rather than my body…. and although I was aware that emotional issues were influencing my physical well-being, I was not aware of the true extent. My body was completely out of balance, and my natural “default” state had become one of tension and stress.

However, through learning to connect with my body through the sophrology exercises, I have, in a short space of time, already noticed a dramatic improvement in all my physical symptoms. It has also reinforced my innate knowledge that our minds and bodies have the power to heal themselves. I am amazed at how many insights and solutions our own bodies give us, when we actually stop, and give them the opportunity to “speak”.

The difference in myself, however, has not simply been physical. From a mental point of view, I feel so much calmer, more relaxed, and in control of my own life. Now, when a situation happens, which before would have sent me into a spiral of either ruminating about the past, or worrying about the future, I am now able to stand back, put it into perspective and let it go. And the difference in my ability to focus and concentrate is incredible. Before, my mind was all over the place. Now it feels so much clearer and sharper.

Sophrology gives us the tools to break the cycle of negative thinking, and to be able to move forward in life with a positive, empowered attitude. My whole perspective is changing… and with that my whole attitude, both towards myself and towards others. I am, without doubt, becoming a far happier, more balanced, tolerant and confident person, on all levels…. and I am joyfully looking forward to how much further sophrology will take me with my own personal development.

Elyssa, Geneva

11th January 2016

House Executive

1). My experiences with just the first level of Sophrology was amazing. When I started the tension release, first and second system exercises, I woke up one morning and couldn’t move or close my left jaw. It was swollen and painful and I could not eat properly. This was the first time I experienced something like this. I thought I slept awkwardly or maybe hurt myself without knowing … Until I saw the dentist. He showed me an X-ray and said that I was grinding my teeth at night ( which was something I never did or experienced all my life, even under worse stressful conditions). As he explained what was wrong, I realized that I was releasing all the tension, stress and pain from my body during the Sophrology exercises during that time. It made sense because it all left after 4 days and I was back to normal.

2). On previous occasions when I had to go into theatre for any operations, I was always scared, anxious and experienced tension. However, when I had to go into theatre for a procedure recently I was alarmed at my own composure and confidence before going into theatre. I never panicked and hardly felt much tension like before. Instead I was relaxed and calm. I actually felt the difference in my mind and body.

3). When I first started the Sophrology exercises, I felt pain, sore muscles, dizziness etc. but as the exercises progressed, it slowly left my body completely. When I repeat the exercises now, I don’t experience the same pain etc. as before. Instead my body feels lighter, relaxed and calm.

Ishana, Johannesburg/South Africa

9th September 2015

I find the sophrology training very powerful, even for my children! I am doing small exercises with them and the are now falling asleep very quick and very deep. They love it and ask me for more !

Sophie, Singapore

10th August 2015

My experience of the 2nd level and what has changed or what are you more aware of in your life since you started the course.

“I like the dreams of future better than the history of the past”—T.Jefferson
The above sentence is one of my favourite quotes. I enjoyed the second level of Sophro-dynamic Relaxation exercises a lot. They give me a lot of positive energy and pleasant experiences throughout the different exercises. In this level, I learned how to contemplate and stand back to observe myself. It was funny at the beginning, but later I discovered that I love doing so. As if I was trying to understand a new friend. So far, I always see a happy and lovely person when I contemplate about myself. Also, the awareness of my senses have been increased. I realized that my senses of sight and smell are usually more active than other senses. For example, when I smell the freshness of the air after raining, my sense of smell will bring me back my childhood memories. It was amazing that our experiences of senses can turn into long term memories. Besides, through the senses of sight, I can see/imagine the universe, the stars, animal guides and even myself. It shows how powerful our brains really are.
Personally, I was not satisfied with my life for a very long time. I was frustrated and burned out due to being a stay-at-home mom. Usually a stay-at-home mom works very hard but get no respect from others. I started having doubt of the values of my existence and the decisions I have made in the past. I seldom have chances or courage to meet new friends. I was lonely and upset. I have been thinking about the past a lot and it makes me even more depressed and angry. I felt like I was locked in a prison and I did not see my future. I used to describe my life as “prison in the heaven”. (Since many of my friends think that I am living in a paradise and I do not need to go to work)
I have been learning Sophrology since February, 2015. Within last six months, there are two most significant changes in me, I become happier and my mind becomes freer than before. I have gradually changing some of my thoughts and attitudes, for example, I believe that my future will be full of well-being. I keep my curiosity and wonder for learning new things, not only Sophrology. It helps me to explore new things and expand my knowledge. Inside my head, there will be a voice telling me that “I am capable or have the confidence to do anything on my own!” especially when I was lack of trust of myself. I become more aware of the “here and now” rather than of the past. I tried to do more things to make myself happy and feel worthy. I am learning to manage my stress by practicing Sophrology Exercises. I will do mood lifting exercise to uplift my blue mood. I will do the 4th system breathing exercise to improve my digestion. And enhancing sleep exercise to gain a peaceful good night’s rest instead of relying on drugs. Now I have become a person with a good spirit, more energy and motivated. I have hope and great expectation about the future. And I am open to any changes in the futures.

Carmen , geneva

25th April 2015

I have been introduced by my friend to learn Sophrology and wish to become a Sophorlogists to help others. I have been living in Geneva, Swiss for more than eight years. As a non-French speaking supporting spouse of an expat, I found life was not as easy as I imagined in a foreign country. I have slowly felt very lonely and confused. I lost my focus of my life and slowly becoming more emotional and frustrated. It created a kind of tension within my family. Until I started learning Sophorlogy, I have regain some sort of happiness, energy and positive thinking. It re-activated my optimistic and cheerful character, it gave me strength and power to face challenges and deal with my emotion. At last but not least, learning Sophrology helps me to improve the relationship between me and my family gradually. Instead of helping others, I learn how to help myself to boost up my blue mood and stay happy all the time. If you are looking for a way to live happier, I think learning Sophrology is the right way for anybody.

Carmen, Geneva

25th April 2015

Sophorogy is a powerful tool to deal with any stressful situation. I had recurrent pneumonia. Before doing sophrology exercises, it took me 2 months to recover. By doing simple sophrology exercises, I recovered in only 2 weeks time. The mind and body are strongly connected and you can use the sophrology tools to enpower yourself.

Sophie, Singapore

16th April 2015

2nd level

Excellent experience concerning 2nd level and the futurisation which allows me to be much more in confidence in the present and the future.
Thanks to Dorna and all the team !!

rachel, Exeter

13th January 2015

What sophrology is doing for me

Level 1 sophrology
Going into sophrology, I was not sure what to expect. Already practicing Vipasanna meditation and also meditation with stones, this, I have found, was another way in to find that special place which is inside all of us, yet so many miss out on in their daily lives.
The daily exercises move you on at a good speed. Each one building on the last, so finally we have a total body awareness. In meditation, the idea is to find that space where the mind stops and we are free of all the chit chat that goes on constantly in our heads. For the first time, through sophrology, I have managed to find that very place. The first time it happens, I must say it’s a little freaky, as when you come back to yourself, you realise you’ve been away but have no idea where you’ve been, or for how long. Now I just need to keep up the practice in order to find that place more often. Really looking forward to level two which is more on the mind.

Tony, Fully

30th December 2014

After 5 weeks of Sophrology

I enrolled on the training course with the Sophrology Center because I had known about Sophrology for some time, very much liked its orientation, and was interested in incorporating its ideas and techniques into my work with groups and individuals. I started the course, and within 4/5 weeks I started to notice a very noticeable change in how I was feeling – I was happier, less stressed, and felt much more ‘in my body’ as opposed to in my head or even out of it! I tried using it for a specific goal – waking up more clear-headed, and within 2 weeks I was doing exactly that. Now I find it has become a valued and indispensable part of my daily routine.

Philip, Lewes

5th December 2014

Belle expérience

J’apprécie beaucoup cette école qui me permet de réviser et d’apprendre la sophrologie en Anglais. Exercice au quotidien et groupe très agréable.
Merci !

Rachel, Exeter

26th November 2014

My experience of life as a 2nd Level student of Sophrology

As a second level sophrology student my experience of life has now become a beautiful journey of self-realization, with an ever growing discovery and inquisitive enquiry of my thoughts, my body, muscles, cells and my five senses ….actually I would like to add a sixth sense here which I call ‘balance’ due to the natural force of gravity I can feel that keeps me grounded yet not restricted.

While this journey has been one of self-realization it has simultaneously been one of deep gratitude for the intimate and uncensored sharing that we have as a sophrology student group, during this second level it seems that we are all so true to our individual feelings and have no inhibitions of expressing ourselves by sharing them lovingly and openly with each other, which in its own special way I believe helps each of us grow and see things from a different perspective, sometimes even receiving a healing in the form of listening to an experience one of the group members has had that resonates with a similar experience we have had.

To truly embrace my five senses has been an exquisite sensual sensory experience, here I would like to offer an explanation in the form of examples of the daily rituals we all do:

When I brush my teeth – I no longer just plonk some toothpaste onto my toothbrush, brush the pearly whites and rinse out my mouth ready to face the day,

When I take a shower – I no longer quickly turn on the water, jump in and lather up my facecloth to wash my body or dollop shampoo into my hand to turn my hair into a froth of bubbles to make sure it’s clean,

When I get dressed – I no longer simply choose and take clothes out the cupboard to cover my body for any given occasion or day-to-day event,

Before, during and after everything I do for each of these daily rituals, I now allow myself the time to notice and experience the ‘little things’, that are mostly taken for granted as is the nature of a habit, the whole orchestra of movements needed to do what has become a deeply engrained daily practise.

I find myself appreciating each experience of how things look, sound, feel, smell and taste, as well as how my body feels and responds to each of these sensory moments, the muscles used and needed to perform each action without any conscious direction from me…. Then becoming aware of the little things from the smell and taste of the toothpaste in my mouth, to the ‘buffet’ of sensations, fragrances and tastes of water, soap, shampoo, conditioner, fresh dry towel and clean clothes … as I go through my rituals and the day that follows has been rewarding and simultaneously created a deep level of awareness and respect for my whole biology and the use of all my five senses. I feel ALIVE like a child exploring the world!

A favorite part of the second level which has encouraged the child in me to come out to play, is practising free positive futurisations for goals and projects I have in mind. The most profound part of practising this is how my thoughts during these futurisations make me feel throughout my body during the exercise and long, long afterwards too. I am incredibly aware of how thoughts make an impact on how my body feels in relation to the world around me and also to people around me.

There are other changes that I have noticed about myself, after journeying through levels one and two of sophrology training which I would like to share here too, these are:

1. Frequent attacks of spontaneous smiling.
2. Deep feelings of being connected with others and nature.
3. Growing curiosity about the intricacy of my biology, mind and soul
4. Frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation.
5. A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experience.
6. An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment as it presents itself to me.
7. A loss of ability to worry unnecessarily.
8. A loss of interest in conflict.
9. A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.
10. A loss of interest in judging myself or others.
11. Gaining the ability to love without expecting anything.
12. A profoundly deep feeling of gratitude for life
13. Random tears from sheer love, joy and pleasure

During the period of both level one and level two, I have also discovered and learned so much about the way I perceive life and being in the world from different books that are on our reading list and some that I have explored on my own, from each I have drawn something useful in the moment. At the moment I am reading a light novel after immersing myself in the realms of philosophy, it is called “The Fifth Elephant –by Terry Pratchett” 😀

Life is love and Love is life !
Sophrology ROCKS!

Michele, Cape Town

12th September 2014

Nature Delight

I loved your post! I start my day with looking at the sky, I particularly like sunrises and am thrilled by the sky’s colors as the sun rises in the east! Actually, I tend to gravitate to the sky, the play of light as the sun comes into fullness and arcs across the day, clouds passing, etc. Morning air is fresh and invigorating, inspiring me toward opening my heart fully to my earthly experience and sharing that with those around me – very happy making!! And, then, because I live on the coast, celebrating the day gone by witnessing the glorious sunset settling into the ocean, the radiant colors giving way to the deepening purplish sky, twinkling stars, one of the phases of the moon, and air temperature becoming cooler. These are timeless moments for me, something that when I notice, connects me to humanities timeless delight through time and space. I feel privileged in my witnessing yet engaged experience of Love’s flow no matter what we think is important or the many challenges we all experience. Gratitude for this breath xo

Vidya, Leucadia CA

9th July 2014

Beating Insomnia with sophrology

Before using sophrology I have tried everything from, binaural beats to essential oil baths, goodness….I have even tried hypnosis and nothing has helped me have the deep rejuvenating and refreshing sleep I remember from years ago.

It has been an ongoing challenge for the past 28 years that I have experienced insomnia in varying stages and levels. Through my early career years when i was working and studying at night (drinking way too much coffee), raising a child as a single parent and working in the demanding corporate world, then building and maintaining my own business.

Starting out with the sophrology Power Napping exercise during my busy day – I learned to re-connect with my body and let go of my constantly busy mind, I learned to relax and calm myself enough to feel energized as I continued my work for the day.

I initially did the exercise during the day and noticed that I was able to more easily calm my mind in the evening (FROM THE VERY FIRST TIME :-D) when I wanted to get some sleep. After 2 weeks I started doing the exercise in the early evening after dinner which now still helps me set my day aside and focus on myself again.

I still don’t sleep much longer than 4 – 5 hours a night but the quality of this sleep is so good that it feels as if I have had a deep and solid 8 hours sleep.

Before using sophrology I would often wake up feeling heavy and sometimes tired, now I feel light, energized and eager to get out of bed. The things I used to notice and love in nature have once more become a rewarding part of my life.

The parts of this exercise which have benefited me tremendously are the body-scan (which has become a delicious daily habit by choice) and following my breath through my body which helps me switch off my mind and focus more on how my body is feeling and what it is telling me.

There is nothing worse than not being able to fall asleep, no matter how tired you are, or having trouble to get back to sleep when you constantly wake up at night.

Sophrology ROCKS!

Michele, Cape Town, South Africa

16th June 2014

What a difference!

I downloaded the Starter Pack a month ago hoping it would help me to stop being anxious. I have suffered from anxiety for many year, ever since my children were born. I did each of the exercises as recommended on the instruction sheets. It was easy as each time I did one of the exercises I immediately felt stronger and somehow happier.
Gradually over the last 4 weeks I feel like I have become a different person. My husband has also noticed the difference and our relationship is definitely benefiting.
I can’t work out how it could work so fast but I guess the main thing is that it did.

Jane, Los Angeles

30th March 2014

Studying and experiencing Sophrology have been incredibly enhancing and life changing experiences for me.

Although nothing really changed in my life outwardly I developed a natural and deeply content way of Being.
Also I am sleeping very well, my concentration and problem solving abilities and overall work performance significantly improved.

I am experiencing major improvements in my personal and professional relationships as well.
All this is a result of practicing Sophrology – that enhances One from the inside out.

Sophrology – I believe – provides the stairs out of Plato’s ‘Cave’.

Thank you Dorna for your pioneering work!

EVA, Brussels

21st October 2013

I haven’t been sleeping well for months, perhaps even more than a year. My job is really stressful and I worry a lot about managing to get all my work done. I found it really difficult to get to sleep at night and would often wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep.

After just four sessions on skype I am amazed and happy to say that I now fall asleep easily when I get into bed. If I wake in the night, I have a sophrology exercise that I do that helps me fall back to sleep again.

Now have a plan of action, that I know will work, if I don’t manage to fall asleep or if I wake up, takes a load of worry away and, in face, helps me to fall asleep more easily.

Thanks Dorna for transforming my life.

Anne, Edinburgh

5th November 2012

I just want to thank you for changing my life. I didn’t really know what to expect as I have never heard of sophrology before but as I have been feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed for a while now and frustrated that I can’t seem to break out of it, I just thought I’d give sophrology a try.

I downloaded the Starter Kit, a few weeks ago, and put all the audios on my phone. I can’t get enough of them. Each time I have a moment I sit down and listen to your voice. The first time I did the Mood Lifting I didn’t really notice anything but I persevered and half way through the week, I started to notice tingling in my hands and that one arm seemed much bigger than the other. I started to be curious about what else was going on that I wasn’t aware of.

Now after just a few weeks, even although my life hasn’t changed outwardly, I am smiling more, I feel lighter, sleep better and somehow get through my work faster. I am about to start on the Sophro-Dynamic Relaxations and can’t wait to find out how my life can get even better. Thanks again!

Jane, n/a