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Energy Centre – SophroKi Sophrology and Reiki school – will be exhibiting at the Leman Expat Fair on Sunday 4th November in Lausanne, Switzerland.

You are welcome to visit our stand to learn how sophrology, one of the top stress relief methods, in France, came to be available in english and is starting to take off in around the world.

  • Find out how a daily 15 mins sophrology exercises can positively impact your move to Geneva.
  • Start a new career with our Sophrology Diploma Course and become an internationally recognised Sophrologist.  Wherever your next move takes you, you will be able to start up a sophrology practice, working local in hospitals, schools, businesses, sports centers.
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27th October 2012

Calmer and more focused

A sophrology exercise calms me more than just a regular meditations session. I feel more focused and relaxed after an exercise and that allows me to be more productive. An added benefit of regular sophrology in winter is that it warms my body, especially my constantly cold hand and feet. I can definitely recommend it to anybody!

I just watched a Gregg Braden YouTube video and wanted to share it with you.  He speaks about the importance  of Non-judgement – one of the recommended sophrology attitudes.

Gregg Braden’s Unprecedented Interview

The 4 recommended sophrology attitudes for maximum health and wellness are:

  1. Be free from judgement – it is not good or bad until we judge it to be so – Each feeling that we feel it just information that we can listen to and be curious about what it means to us and what it is telling us so that we can work with it and act accordingly.
  2. Look at the the world as if it is the first time  – be full of curiosity and wonder about each moment and each thing that you notice
  3. Put all prior beliefs and ideas aside and notice what is actually happening and aware that we might be colouring our view of things from prior judgements.
  4. Repeat the above three each moment of the day and especially when doing a sophrology exercise



The International Sophrology Federation held its first ever Conference on the 4th of May, this year, in Kent.   It was a big success and attended by sophrologists from many different schools.  We heard from several sophrologists who dhared their areas of expertise with us: Karen Cohen gave a talk on Sophrology in the English-speaking corporate world.  I gave a talk on Sophro-Ki Sophrology, Sophie-Caroline Mennear told us about her children’s project in London, Eleanor Cadet shared her highlights from her work with Cancer, Parkinsons and Alzheimer patients at Cambridge Hospital.

Throughout the day we practised some old and some new sophrology exercises to keep us focussed and energised.  The day ended with Florence Parot, Director of the Sophrology Academy in London, facilitating a discussion about the future vision for sophrology around the world.

Participants came from around Europe and we enjoyed networking, strengthening our connections and setting up new projects together.

The next conference will be on the 3rd of May 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland.


Sophrology has been around since the 1960s and has developed extensively in French speaking countries.  Since London now has many french residents, there is a growing demand for french speaking sophrologists.  Through this mixing of cultures, more and more english speaking people are searching for sophrologists.

I daily receive requests from around the world, asking where to find sophrologists and the best thing that I have been able to offer them is an online sophrology session.  Hence, the idea of putting many of the sophrology exercises online so that many more people can benefit from practising sophrology.  The hope is that many more people will be inspired to train as a sophrologist and in the years to come there will be several sophrologists in most towns throughout the world.