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In my last post, we looked at mental health issues such as burnout and depression and how sophrology could be used to help people both as a treatment and as a preventative measure, when dealing with these and a number of other debilitating conditions.
Yet one of the root causes of many health and mental problems can be something as simple as a lack of sleep. In this post, we’ll examine the importance of sleep to a healthy body and mind, what issues are likely to result in unhealthy sleeping habits and patterns, such as waking up in the night and we’ll also examine how Sophrology can help restore the balance in your life so that you can gain a restful night’s sleep once again.
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Mental health issues are currently something of a hot topic in the news at present.

Whether it is learning to cope with or reduce levels of stress, dealing with anxiety or looking into the causes and treatments of depression, as a society, we have never been more aware of the many complex, sometimes contradictory, issues regarding mental health.
As a fully qualified sophrologist, I am acutely aware of these issues and the negative impact they can have on an individual and their loved ones. Not only that, but a quick scan of the research reveals more people are affected by the effects of depression, anxiety and stress than ever before.
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19th November 2013

Breakfast before Shopping

Beautiful early morning StarFerry trip to Kowloon. Breakfast in The Peninsula then looked for a small market area that Cara and I discovered a few years ago.
I realised that I felt where it was rather than think. My feeling intuition took me straight there. It must be the years of Sophrology.

Well received talk. Many questions and requests for more. Perhaps Sophrology will soon be available in Chinese!

I am in Hong Kong and preparing to teach the final part of the Sophro Diploma Course.  This morning I walked down to the supermarket in North Plaza, Discovery Bay, to stock up my apartment.  The sun was shining, the day glorious, the sea was calling and I took a small detour along the beach.  Hidden in the lush tropical vegetation at the back of the beach was a beautiful pond teaming with small darting fish.
A huge rock caught my attention and I waded through the pond to climb onto it, feeling its welcoming presence and loving vibrations.  I seem to have a great affinity with Asian rocks.
I stayed for hours with the sun warm on my face, a soft breeze caressing my skin and the sound of the fishing boats coming and going.  Today is just perfect.

When I got back to my apartment put on some music and started going through my emails only to find this special – happy to be alive TED talk sent to me by one of my students.

Being in present time is a glorious adventure!

Energy Centre – SophroKi Sophrology and Reiki school – will be exhibiting at the Leman Expat Fair on Sunday 4th November in Lausanne, Switzerland.

You are welcome to visit our stand to learn how sophrology, one of the top stress relief methods, in France, came to be available in english and is starting to take off in around the world.

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27th October 2012

Calmer and more focused

A sophrology exercise calms me more than just a regular meditations session. I feel more focused and relaxed after an exercise and that allows me to be more productive. An added benefit of regular sophrology in winter is that it warms my body, especially my constantly cold hand and feet. I can definitely recommend it to anybody!

I just watched a Gregg Braden YouTube video and wanted to share it with you.  He speaks about the importance  of Non-judgement – one of the recommended sophrology attitudes.

Gregg Braden’s Unprecedented Interview

The 4 recommended sophrology attitudes for maximum health and wellness are:

  1. Be free from judgement – it is not good or bad until we judge it to be so – Each feeling that we feel it just information that we can listen to and be curious about what it means to us and what it is telling us so that we can work with it and act accordingly.
  2. Look at the the world as if it is the first time  – be full of curiosity and wonder about each moment and each thing that you notice
  3. Put all prior beliefs and ideas aside and notice what is actually happening and aware that we might be colouring our view of things from prior judgements.
  4. Repeat the above three each moment of the day and especially when doing a sophrology exercise