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It is well known and well-documented that sophrology exercises massively reduce stress and increase health and well-being, however, many people ignore or are completely unaware of the amount of daily stress in their lives. Read More

In sophrology we practise living ‘in the moment’, by following the 4 sophrology attitudes; Read More

Many people believe that our genes control our life and that we are ultimately destined to become a victim of our heredity. Read More

Between stimulus and response or reaction to different circumstances in life, there always exists a brief moment Read More

Many of us spend so much time indoors, either at the office, the local supermarket, the gym, or even in our own home, Read More

In sophrology we learn about our inner and outer senses, discovering more about how sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches and perceptions are based on the sense organs, all of which are located in and on our body. Read More

Sophrology has long been used as a simple and effective technique to approach life’s difficult situations with mindfulness  Read More

As we progress through the learning process and practice of sophrology, we become more aware of the various body parts, organs and endocrine glands that are interconnected and associated with each system.    Read More