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“Any positive action directed towards the body and mind has a positive impact on the being as a whole.” ~ Dr Alfonso Caycedo, Neuropsychiatrist

The key purposes of Sophrology are to find a route to physical and emotional wellbeing however the longer term result is the discovery of your inner light.  The body is considered as a whole, with mind and physicality connecting powerfully and with extraordinary influence. The study and understanding of this influence can be measurably positive across all resources such as thoughts, feelings, experience, memories, values.

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The power of Sophrology lies with the unique way the technique connects the body and mind to effect balance and change. It affects the way we feel about situations, emotions, action and results. Sophrology is a meditative practice that helps us change our outlook with regard to events, how we experience them, and how we can manage them.

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The past is always with us, they say. We are a combination of our experiences, our present feelings and our hopes for the future. However, sometimes that past can be like a heavy suitcase of old belongings we drag around, allowing it to colour our present experiences and desires. Past experience can be powerful in effect – often preventing us from moving on and living a happier, more fulfilled life.

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One would think, when exercising the body, that we are mindfully connected to our physical movements. But this is not always the case. In fact, when we exercise we often do it automatically, our minds busy with other thoughts and worries. This tendency to wander the mind when trying to tone up the body is when we lose capacity to synchronise mind and body in a way that would result in highly beneficial energy balance.

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Generally, we consider moving home or starting a new job as high stress moments in life, but studying for – and writing exams – probably elicits our most acute levels of anxiety. Some students have expressed feelings of doom or failure for days before an important exam. Unfortunately, the problem often goes undetected, resulting in mental health issues such as withdrawal, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, loss of motivation. And ultimately, a decline in both concentration and grades. These feelings of worthlessness and incapability, if not recognised and skilfully managed, can last a lifetime.

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Last week you met Diana Ritchie and Sophie Nolis on our live webinar on 5th of August 2020, now we are diving deeper to learn about Sophie’s activities in her local community in Melbourne, Australia. Read More

This Webinar is the first in a series aimed at sharing Sophro-ki® Sophrology through some theory and an exercise, as well as an opportunity to meet present and former students and hear their story.
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5th February 2020

Family Matters – Sophrology

Dorna Revie interview with Pippa Hudson

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