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Sophrologist in training

Sophrology is a kind of manual for me for using my body and mind in harmony. It taught me how to stay calm in every situation and find better ways to deal with them. Ayce Ozerdem

The answer to my many questions about life

In general, Sophrology influenced me in a very positive way. At a fundamental level, I was thinking and feeling in the same frame with Sophrology, but I didn’t know how to systemized my thoughts and emotions. Sophrology happened to be …
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Calmer and emotionally more stable

Since practicing level 1 on a regular basis, I am more aware of my body, mind and surroundings. I feel calmer and emotionally more stable in my daily activities. Soohee Thomas

The techniques are easy to learn

With the repetitions which are parts of Sophrology, I now have a daily routine that gives me time for my own mind space and for my well-being. It gives me the opportunity to have a different perspective in my way …
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