Advanced Diploma Course


woman-red-cardigan-laptop-lowMaster Sophro-ki® Sophrologist


Take your sophrology training to a whole new level!
Delve deeper into sophrology by experiencing and qualifying to teach levels 5 through 12 of the sophrology programme.

The Advanced Master course is open to all students who have completed the Sophrology practitioner Diploma course.


  • Discover the 2nd cycle of the sophrology programme The radical cycle (levels 5 – 8)
  • Discover the 3rd cycle of the sophrology Programme: The existential cycle (levels 9 – 12)
  • 8 times 2hr live online video classroom sessions for each of the levels
  • The student is expected to train daily in the practise of sophrology


 from 20h-22h Swiss time
LEVELS 5 & 6 ASCO 24rd February – 14th April 2021
LEVELS 7 & 8 ASCO 19th May – 7th July 2021
LEVELS 9 & 10 ASCO 29th September – 17th November 2021
LEVELS 11 & 12 ASCO 2nd February 2022 23rd March 2022

Course Price: CHF 4,697

Single Full Payment CHF 4,697


Payment Plans:

A) Once-Off Deposit payment CHF 1,697
plus 3 Monthly payments: CHF 1,000

Payment Plan A


B) Once-Off Deposit payment CHF 1,697
plus 10 Monthly payments: CHF 300

Payment Plan B


Attendance, daily write-ups, written exam and completion of the course


By invitation only

Requirements for  joining the teacher training programme to be eligible to work at the Sophrology Center Online School.
1. Have taught at least 10 sophrology courses level 1&2 and at least 2 up to level 4
2. Successful completion of the advanced course
3. Attend the online Diploma Course again from the perspective of a future teacher
4. Teach some modules of the Diploma Course
5. Attend as assistants in the Midway and Final residentials
6. Enroll 4 people into the sophrology diploma course and take responsibility for the teaching of it along with other Sophrology Center Online teachers.
7. Pass the Initial and Final assessments