About Us


I discovered sophrology when I first moved from London to Switzerland, in January 1989 with my family and also my fashion business. Although Switzerland is such a beautiful country and I had been looking forward to the move, I found it much harder than I had imagined. By the summer, my head was shaking uncontrollably and I was extremely tired. I was sleeping and sleeping, just doing the necessary things to feed the family and take my two young children to school. I had an MRI scan and the prognosis was that I probably had multiple sclerosis or Parkinsons, however, the side effects from the available drug would be worse than the symptoms I was experiencing. The best thing would be that I came back in a few years when things were worse and then the doctors could do something for me. Needless to say, this did not make me feel much better. Luckily I knew a bio-resonance practitioner who was already working on my daughter’s allergies and she suggested that I do a full detox. At the same time I met somebody who suggested sophrology. When I asked what it was, they said, ‘ it is difficult to explain, but here is the name and phone number of a teacher. Try it out and see. I think it will do you a lot of good.’ Even after the first session I already felt better. Over the next year I did the 4 levels, translated the method into English and trained as a sophrologist. Sharing sophrology with the expatriate community in Geneva was a satisfying experience and gradually, as my French improved, I expanded my areas of expertise to include, business, sport and schools. I have also trained for many years with Prof. Alfonso Caycedo, creator of the sophrology method, Dr Raymond Abrezol, creator of sophrology for sport, Claudia Sanchez and Ricardo Lopez, creators of Sophro-ludique. In 2005, realising that I was one of only a handful of English speaking sophrologists in the world, I started the first ever Professional sophrologist training program in English and in 2006 my school was recognised by the Swiss Association of Therapists and the Swiss Health Insurances. I realised many years ago that sophrology could be practiced online. Only in the last few years has the technology become available to make this easy and affordable, and so it was in 2011 with great excitement and anticipation that I started Sophrology Center Online and I have since taught six online diploma courses with participants from Hong Kong, Los Angeles, South Africa, Belgium, France, UK, and Switzerland.