About Us


Dorna is the founder of Energy Centre, an officially recognised school of complementary medicine, the creator of the Sophro-Ki® Sophrology Method and the first person in the world to offer Professional Online Sophrologist Diploma Courses.

Sophrology Center Online is her latest brainchild, designed as a simple and accessible portal for people, from around the world, to access the sophrology method from the comfort of their own homes and work places. One of Dorna’s main interests is the development and sharing of the sophrology method that she has been teaching since 1990. She sees her students as glowing smiles that go out into the world and through them the glowing smile spreads.

She studied for many years with Dr. Alfonso Caycedo, the creator of the sophrology method, Dr Raymond Abrezol, the creator of sophrology for sport, Claudia Sanchez and Ricardo Lopez, creators of Sophro-Ludique and sophrology for children and many other sophrologists from different schools of sophrology.

Dorna is also a qualified adult education teacher, a Reiki and Karuna Reiki master, Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) trainer, Bio-resonance therapist, hypno-therapist, 4D medicine practitioner, shamanic practitioner, Investment in Excellence trainer and Motivational coach.

The variety of sophrology teachers along with the experience of these other disciplines has helped her to better understand The sophrology Method and to expand its range and effectiveness, hence the name Sophro-Ki® sophrology.

To read about Dorna’s personal sophrology experience, click here.

Diana Ritchie – Senior Instructor and Client Relationship Manager

Diana Ritchie Conscious Leadership TrainerDiana Ritchie has studied the phenomenology of being for the last 11 years, starting with Sophro-ki® Sophrology, then establishing SCC Sàrl in 2007 to work with individuals, and organisations around self, talent and performance development.  I share my multidisciplinary know how through coaching and training, using a variety of traditional and alternative techniques.

I teach Conscious Awareness to groups and offer private sessions. I am the Vice President of the International Sophrology Federation. I am registered with the Swiss complementary health insurance. – ASCA.


Sophrology Center Online

A vision of Dorna’s for many years, Sophrology Center Online is designed to answer the requests of many people from around the world who, suffering from anxiety, stress, or unclear vision of who they really are, write asking where they can find a sophrologist in their area.

Our vision is that each person recognises and trusts their own individual heart song and confidently follows their life path.

The aims are to:

  1. provide a way for people, wherever they are in the world, to experience the benefits of sophrology by simply downloading and practicing the sophrology exercises.
  2. offer online workshops, classes and events where people can learn more about sophrology, share their experiences and learn from different sophrologists.
  3. encourage more people to become sophrologists so that there is at least one in every continent, county and town who can work face to face with clients.