A Brief History


How it all started


Prof. Alfonso Caycedo, a neuro-psychiatrist, studying medicine in Spain after the Civil War, was searching for a way to effectively bring traumatised war victims back to a healthy physical and mental state with minimal drug use. Sophrology was the name he gave, in 1960, to the method he was creating.

Prof. Caycedo later worked under Dr. Binswanger, in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Dr Binswanger was at the forefront of using phenomenology in the psychology domain.  Prof. Caycedo then travelled in the East, studying Yoga, Zen and Buddhism, searching for the core practices and exercises that speedily and effectively produced positive results.

The structured sophrology  program that we use today grew out of all this research and experience.  Over the years, many varieties of sophrology schools have been created in the French speaking world. These schools have contributed to the development of the method adding to the expertise and expanding the fields of application.

Sophrologists are currently working in diverse international organisations and companies to reduce stress and optimise health and well-being.

Sophrology is used in many Swiss hospitals to prepare patients for surgical interventions, EMR scans and stress-free childbirth.

Sophrology is now recognized in the UK and has for many years been recognized,  recommended and re-imbursed by Swiss Health Insurances.

In 2006, Dorna Revie, founded Energy Centre, the first school in the world to offer sophrologist diploma courses in english.   Sophrology Center Online, the newest of Dorna’s projects is aimed at trying to meet the growing demand from around the world.

The word sophrology comes from the Greek:
SOS – Harmony
PHREN – Consciousness
LOGOS – Study of
The study of consciousness and the values of existence.

The development of sophrology

Until now sophrology was taught in workshops, classes and individual sessions. However, because there are very few sophrologists outside of France and Switzerland, most people in the world did not have access to the method.

Sophrology Center Online now gives people the opportunity to practice sophrology independently. You can download sophrology exercises directly from this site, upload them to your MP3 player and practice Sophrology exercises whenever you have a spare moment.  Although this is not the same experience as working directly with a sophrologist, it is a good alternative and a means for many more people around the world to benefit from the method.

Why do sophrology?

As humans we are continually searching for joy, love, happiness, appreciation and acceptance. Hence our need to buy certain things, be certain places, eat certain foods, be with certain people. Many people are continually searching for satisfaction outside of themselves.

Sophrology is a structured method that begins with discovery of our own individual way of producing these pleasurable states, so that we have a choice of when and where we experience them. We can act rather than react.

Gradually, as we work through the Sophro Dynamic Relaxations we become fully aware and knowledgeable about ourselves and our individual life journey. The aim is to be fully ourselves and participate in life to the fullest sharing our own individual abilities, ideas and visions in ways that fulfills us and those around us.

“Since knowledge is power, self-knowledge is self-empowerment.”
Bruce Lipton PhD